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Cover - Wild Song

Wild Song

Set against the backdrop of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, readers follow the journey of Luki, an indigenous girl from the Philippines. We begin with Luki’s sheltered tribal life in the mountains, before following her journey to America (with hundreds of other natives) to attend the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Book Cover - Monster in the Woods

Monster in the Woods

Set in a medieval-like timeframe, this hilarious fantasy tale follows Firth along with her family on a crazy, wild adventure where they meet some memorable characters as they face the mystery of the monster in the woods …

Book Cover - Max & Chaffy - Welcome to Animal Island

Max & Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island

This zany graphic novel, full of funny characters and lively adventures, follows Max on an adventure to Animal Island where there are lots of new and exciting friends to meet. As Max journeys through the island, trying to find his new friend Chaffy a place to belong, a lovely friendship grows between the two. Max and Chaffy also meet many unusual characters along the way.

Book Cover - Adventuremice - Otter Chaos

AdventureMice: Otter Chaos

A cracking adventure with an adorable cast of characters, Adventuremice: Otter Chaos is sure to be another hit from the incredibly talented Reeve and McIntyre duo.

Book Cover - Moonflight


Moonflight tells the exhilarating tale of a young rat named Tilbury, the seventh-born rat of the seventh-born litter. We learn that throughout history such rats have had an immense desire for adventure and excitement, but young Tilbury is the exception. Caught up in fears of his own, Tilbury would rather stay inside where it’s safe than risk going out in the big, real world, no matter how curious he is to see it. However, all of this soon changes when Tilbury finds himself forced to act bravely and leave home on a heroic quest to save everyone he loves.

Book Cover - Her Dark Wings

Her Dark Wings

When her life-long best friend Bree betrays her through a secret affair with her boyfriend, Corey is so beset with rage and grief that she wishes her dead. When Bree’s drowned body is discovered the next morning, Corey, her intense feelings kindled further by an electrifying kiss with a stranger that same night, slips away on a transformative journey to an underworld populated by characters who test her commitment to revenge, retaliation and retribution.

Book Cover - Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

For as long as she can remember, Utterly has felt drawn to the sea. As a baby, she was found along the shores of the Autumn Isles by Andrewe Dark, her caretaker and the Watcher of Wildsea. Strange things happen there. At night, Utterly swears that she can hear the waves calling out her name. However no one seems to believe her when she talks about it. Or perhaps they simply don’t want to.

Book Cover - Roar Like a Lion

Roar Like a Lion

Have you ever considered what kind of life lessons humans could learn from animals? Roar Like a Lion is an inspiring and uplifting book filled with precious life insights inspired by numerous creatures from the animal world.

Book Cover - The Invasion

The Invasion

Peadar O’Guilin possesses that rare literary talent, a gift for creating characters and images so visceral, so real, that they remain with you years later. I reviewed The Inferior for Inis over a decade ago – and I’m still describing it and recommending it to anyone interested in genre bending sci-fi.

Book Cover - The New Neighbours

The New Neighbours

A gloriously on-point book about judging people for imagined differences before you even meet them.

New neighbours have moved into the tower block. The bunnies are super excited, but what will the other residents think? As the residents descend the stairs, gathering old neighbours with them, they also descend into imagined horrors, fears, rumours, Chinese whispers and (cough) fake news. Not a phrase I thought I would be using in a picturebook review.