DC Comics

Book Cover - Whistle:A New Gotham City Hero

Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero

In this thrilling graphic novel from DC Comics, readers are introduced to Gotham City’s newest hero, sixteen-year-old Willow Zimmerman. Willow is passionate about rejuvenating her local community of Down River, while also dedicated to looking after her ill mother at home. While trying to keep her family afloat, Willow finds herself falling deeper and deeper into an underground scene of shady characters and intense showdowns. Alongside her canine companion Lebowitz, Willow must embrace a new identity as Whistle to protect Down River from exploitation.

Book Cover - Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story

Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story

Unearthed is a reimagined origin story for one of DC’s most memorable Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz. Jessica is a hard-working, academic-minded teenager, who finds her life thrown into chaos when her family is threatened with deportation. While Jessica struggles with the burden of hiding her status as an undocumented immigrant, she receives visions from the Aztec gods, who try to guide her through this difficult time.

Book Cover - Poison Ivy: Thorns

Poison Ivy: Thorns

DC Comics new Young Adult novels series looks at the teenage origin stories of various heroes and villains from across their wide range of properties. It is a great idea, combining being a teen with getting to grips with new superpowers or dark villainous urges.

Ivy is one of the villains from the world of Batman. In Thorns we get to read Ivy’s tragic origin story that sets her on the path to becoming Poison Ivy.

Book Cover - Primer


Writers Jennifer Muro and Thomas Krajewski, alongside artist Gretel Lusky, have created a modern and refreshing new superhero in Primer. Ashley Rayburn has had a tough start in life. She has spent years being moved around foster homes, while her father is pent up in federal prison. Artist Kitch Nolan and scientist Yuka Nolan take Ashley in and give her a fresh start. Things are improving for her, especially when she encounters an enticing suitcase filled with body paints.

Book Cover - Nubia: Real One

Nubia: Real One

Nubia: Real One is the first in a new DC comics series. The central character has been seen in comics before, sometimes presented as Wonder Woman’s sister, sometimes her twin and sometimes simply as another Amazon warrior. In this new incarnation, Nubia is a Black teenager living in the United States and aware of her super-powers, though trying to keep them a secret.

Book Cover - Super Sons: The Polarshield Project

Super Sons: The Polarshield Project

Ian Wayne and Jon Kent are two teenage boys who have absolutely nothing in common except for one thing – their fathers just happen to be two of the most infamous superheroes of all time, Batman and Superman. To avoid an impending global disaster, the Super Sons will need to find a way to trust each other and work together – not to mention figure out who the enigmatic Candace is and whether the secrets she’s keeping could be the key to solving the mystery.