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Book cover - The Magic of Seasons

The Magic of Seasons

The title, The Magic of Seasons, really says it all! With its clearly written text and appealing illustrations, Vicky Woodgate's book is a cornucopia of facts around its theme, from the scientific, through climate change to history, geography and myth, all presided over by Mimi, the author's inscrutable black and white cat. Quite hard to classify, as it covers so many different aspects of its subject, but a treasure to dip in and out of; equally fun and informative for parents too.

Book Cover - Science is Magic

Science is Magic

Steve Mould, the physicist, comedian and popular YouTuber, brings his expertise and humour to a new book which demystifies the magic of magic tricks.

In Science is Magic, not only is the science behind the impressive magic tricks explained, but Steve also teaches readers how to re-create these awe-inspiring tricks themselves, using common household items. With simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations, this book makes it easy for you to baffle, flabbergast and bamboozle your unsuspecting friends and family.