Eelectric Monkey

Book Cover - Blackout


This book was written as a collaboration between six powerful and important voices in YA fiction, offering an authentic and relatable romance told through a series of interconnected short stories. Set in New York City, each narrative provides a glimpse into the lives of thirteen individual teenagers. ‘The Long Walk’ sets readers off on the first escapade, with every word a step towards the next block, the next story.

Book Cover - The Last Girl

The Last Girl

Rachel isn’t like the other students at her New York high school. She didn’t grow up with nannies indulging her whims and she’s more interested in watching vintage horror films than getting into the cool parties. She also survived a violent attack last year that unleashed a side of her that she’s desperate to keep hidden. When Rachel witnesses a classmate being humiliated by apparently supernatural forces, she suspects foul play.

Book Cover - The Exact Opposite of Okay

The Exact Opposite of Okay

Izzy O’Neill is a brash, funny eighteen-year-old; she’s had some tragedy in her life, but she has two brilliant friends, Ajita and Danny, and lives with her amazing Grandmother Betty. Everything is going fine in Izzy’s world until a nude selfie sent without much thought creates a massive scandal that puts her under international scrutiny and threatens her future.