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Book Cover - Nova's Missing Masterpiece

Nova's Missing Masterpiece

It’s Nova’s dad’s birthday and she makes a special present but loses it just before his party. This story follows Nova through her house as she hunts for the misplaced present with her dog Harley helping with her search. Harley also helps in an unexpected way as Nova’s emotions become too big for her. Nova follows Harley’s examples when it comes to ridding herself of the frustration and panic of losing the present.

Book Cover - Our Dog Benji

Our Dog Benji

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that dogs will eat practically anything – from bones to biscuits, from Brussels sprouts to buttercups, from pickles to polenta – if it looks in any way edible; they will, at the very least, give it a lick. Conversely, anyone who has ever cared for a child will know that, when it comes to food, kids are a little harder to please.

Cover - The Voyage

The Voyage

Told through few words, but expansive imagery, this book is the definition of ‘a picture paints a thousand words.’ The carefully chosen words have a huge impact when paired with the powerful illustrations. This book can be used to support those who have had to escape conflict, while simultaneously this story might strike a chord and inform those who have never experienced displacement.

Book Cover - The Fix-It Man

The Fix-It Man

This book should come with a warning. It will make you cry. This heart-breaking and heart-warming story is narrated by a little girl who adores her dad. He can fix anything. We see her gazing at him with total confidence as he mends her many ‘accidents’. She tells us that Mama ‘watches from her rug, the one that Dad stitched together from rainbows and old hugs’ – because she is ‘too sore on the inside to help us’. Simple, elegant language says the unsayable without fuss or melodrama.

Book Cover - Australia Illustrated

Australia Illustrated

In Australia Illustrated Tania McCartney has created her own eclectic schema for detailing quirky and eccentric icons of Australian life with multicultural perspectives. The popular culture tenor of the work is obvious in both text and image in this, the first of her many books which McCartney has illustrated as well as written.