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Book cover - Bumblebee Grumblebee

Bumblebee Grumblebee

This sturdy board book for the very young is a delightful jumbling jamboree of mixed-up words and characters. A veritable Noah’s ark of familiar and not-so-familiar creatures adorns each page as subtle text changes manifest themselves in all manner of charming and humorous animal activities. From pelicans to elephants, bumblebees to hamsters, eager listeners will delight in guessing what on earth will happen at each turn of the page. As Hamsters become Jamsters and Cockatoos becoming Sockatoos one can only imagine what might happen when a mischievous Turtle gets his hands on a hose pipe.

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends - book cover

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends

Philips Wechter’s wonderful tale is a perfect illustration that the solution to boredom is not only activity but company.  When Racoon’s attempt to combat boredom requires some eggs, he begins a group adventure that involves four of his friends. Each new development in the adventure prompts a new fun activity and demonstrates strengths, and weaknesses of the friends. Incredibly, the long and busy day does actually result in eggs for racoon and a lovely end to a lovely day.

Lionel Poops - book cover

Lionel Poops

An energetic, cheerful lion takes his love of trampolining to new heights when ‘all of a sudden he needs to poop.’ Lionel feels no misplaced embarrassment about his unclothed body or his natural bodily functions, and just gets ready to do what needs to be done, wherever he happens to be. This is not to the taste of the poor bystanders that find themselves in the potential line of fire: the cows, the wild cats, even the Eiffel tower!

Book cover - Elephant Island

Elephant Island

Arnold, the seafaring elephant of this book’s title, meets disaster with apparent equanimity and an endearing ingenuity in a warm and enjoyable adventure. Arnold’s tendency to rush in gets him into scrapes with the series of characters who could potentially rescue him from shipwreck but in the process of trying to solve those problems he actually makes Elephant Island ‘too much fun to leave.’ In the end, the book reminds us that life’s difficulties can also result in the things most precious to us.

Book Cover - That’s Not A Hippopotamous

That’s Not A Hippopotamous

From New Zealand, Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis are at the top of their game with a new offering from Gecko Press.

That’s NOT a HIPPOPOTAMUS tells the story of a class of children and their teacher on a visit to Don’s Safari. The hippopotamus has gone missing and the children notice. A hunt ensues and despite many choruses of: ‘I got ‘im Miss/I got ‘im Miss/I KNEW that I could spot ‘im, Miss!’ … the hippo remains elusive. (Mind you, he is featured on every spread if you are sharp-sighted enough to spot him!)

Book Cover - Bicycling To The Moon

Bicycling To The Moon

Timo Parvela is a teacher and a best-selling author in Finland where many of his books have been adapted for both the big and the small screen. The main characters in Bicycling To The Moon have their own TV show and the author does regular school tours where their adventures are read and discussed.

Book Cover - The Lost Kitten

The Lost Kitten

Translated from the Japanese original, this picturebook about a stray, sick kitten and the mother and daughter who take care of it is utterly charming. Charged with emotion, the narrative is understated and evocative, and while the pace is calm there is just enough anxiety (when the kitten appears to have got lost) to keep the narrative taut and the reader turning the pages. The relationships between mother, child and kitten are beautifully and minutely observed and are reflected in the images that are as muted in tone as the text is understated.

Book Cover - Wolfy


Wolves have featured as story-characters since Antiquity. They have been cast as violent and savage, or sometimes as devious or predatory, but almost always as synonymous with danger, or perhaps evil. Some cultures equated wolves with the devil, others drew parallels with man’s–and especially men’s–animalistic nature.

Book Cover - Bim Bam Boom

Bim Bam Boom

Bim Bam Boom is a fun-filled book for toddlers, following the noisy adventures of a group of young birds as they create an orchestra from the contents of the kitchen cupboard.

It begins with baby owl making music with wooden spoons and a pot, and soon builds to a cacophony as each character joins in, banging yet another kitchen utensil. The transformation of expressions on their faces tells their own story, as Mother owl gathers up the pots and pans, putting an end to the session.

Book Cover - The Old Man

The Old Man

Loneliness pervades this simply told story of homelessness. Both the watercolour pencil illustrations in soft greys and yellows, and the spare text, convey the isolation of the old man who wakes in a doorway while, down the road, children tumble and shout their way to school.