Book Cover - Rita wants a Witch

Rita wants a Witch

This Halloween, Rita wants a witch. She wants a witch that will let her stay up late at night, flying around on a broomstick. Rita’s witch wouldn’t fuss over cleaning or homework – there’s too much marvellous magic to be done! As Rita continues to think about the practicalities of having a witch in her life, she realises that it may not all be fun and games. There are many ways that living with a witch could be disastrous!

Book Cover - See What I Can Do!

See What I Can Do!

In this upbeat, energetic tale drawn from real-life stories, schoolfriends talk about their dreams and talents and what they absolutely love to do. Molly enjoys playing cello, Jillian has won awards for dancing, Bryson loves travelling, and Cami writes and camps. See What I Can Do! lets us look through the eyes of children enjoying life alongside their challenges and differences.

Book Cover - Only One of Me: A Love Letter from Dad

Only One of Me: A Love Letter from Dad

As a parent, talking to your children about your terminal cancer diagnosis must be the hardest thing in the world. Faced with this awful situation, mum of two young children, Lisa Wells set out to write a love letter to her daughters. Joining forces with acclaimed children’s author Michelle Robinson and illustrator Tim Budget, what started as a personal letter to help her own daughters cope after her death, has become a guide for all parents and children faced with this heartbreaking situation.

Book Cover - Gaspard Best in Show

Gaspard Best In Show

In a welcome sequel to the delightful Gaspard the Fox, the eponymous urban fox and his friends are back in this enchanting picturebook by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew.

Mayhew’s illustrations have a whimsical, old-fashioned feel, reminiscent of Kathleen Hale’s lithographs for the Orlando series of the 1960s, yet they are entirely fresh and engaging. Again a great match for this entertaining story from Zeb Soanes. The plot is simple enough: through a series of mishaps and escapades the Gaspard wins best in show in the local ‘Fancy Dress Dog Show’, despite being the ‘wrong’ species!

Book Cover - Molly and the Lighthouse

Molly and the Lighthouse

There’s trouble at sea in this fast-paced adventure starring Molly and her islander friends and family. The lighthouse beam always flashes on the count of seventeen … but not tonight! What’s happened to poor Jamesie the lighthouse keeper – and can Molly and her mum get things back on track before dad’s fishing boat ends up on the rocks?

Book Cover - Ceri & Deri: The Very Smelly Telly Show

Ceri & Deri: The Very Smelly Telly Show

Ceri the cat and Deri the dog are best friends who do everything together. Today Ceri and Deri are happy. It’s not raining so they call on their friend Dai the Duck and invite him to throw frisbee outside. However, Dai decides it is more fun to stay in and watch his favourite TV show. But Ceri and Deri won’t take no for an answer.

Book Cover - Molly and the Stormy Sea

Molly and the Stormy Sea

Molly wakes up one morning to find her house completely empty. Her father is out on a fishing trip on stormy seas and now her mother is nowhere to be seen. That can only mean one thing – that her father is missing. And so, over the course of the night, Molly will offer the sea her most precious possessions in order to bring her father home safe.

Book Cover - The Pond

The Pond

Beautifully conceived and constructed, The Pond is Davies and Fisher’s second collaboration with Welsh publisher Graffeg. Told through the eyes of a young boy grieving after his father’s death, ‘the muddy, messy hole’ left by the unfinished pond which Dad started to make, is a metaphor for the family’s sense of emptiness.

Book Cover - Elias Martin

Elias Martin

At seventeen, Elias Martin was driven north ‘by dint of not fitting in anywhere else’. For twelve years Elias lives a solitary life of constant struggle to stay warm and fed as he slowly learns the skills that allow him to survive in the harsh tundra of the far north. One day, he sees strange tracks leading to his woodpile, the prints of small bare human feet – a ragged child, whom Elias takes into his hut and names Birch. The story is robust and harrowingly realistic, while also drawing on myth and legend, with touches of the supernatural.