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Book Cover – Bird is Dead

Bird is Dead

What happens when someone dies? This delightful book is a very real introduction for a young child to death. It is distinct from other books in this genre as most concentrate on grief (absence, the empty chair) but the focus here is on the process of death as well.

Book Cover - Inside In - X-rays of Nature's Hidden World

Inside In: X-rays of Nature's Hidden World

This is a completely unique and fascinating book about nature from the inside. Nature meets art in magical bioramas – x-ray portraits of animals and plants. Each page turn reveals a different creature or pair of creatures to be discovered, that allow the reader to see the natural world as never before.

Cover - Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

With its difficult subject matter but hopeful resolution, as well as gorgeous illustrations, Butterfly Wings is an important read for both parents and children.

Book Cover - Where Can We Go - A Tale of Four Bears

Where Can We Go?: A Tale of Four Bears

This powerful polar bear picturebook broaches the subject of displacement as a result of global warming. With no more seals to be found in the Arctic, Papa, Mama, Masha and Misha set off in the hunt for a new home. They find refuge in ‘square iceberg’ – an abandoned house in a city. For a while they find things to eat and places to play, but before long the food runs out and their human neighbours run away. So begins again the search for somewhere else to call home.

Book Cover - The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree

Based on a Korean folk tale that draws to mind the Irish legend of St Brigid’s cloak, The Shade Tree is a parable about greed and generosity. A traveller seeking rest takes shade under a large tree. The owner of the land on which the tree sits arrives and drives the traveller and other villagers seeking repose, from their place of rest. ‘This shade belongs to me,’ he says. When the wise traveller offers to buy the shade from the greedy man, his cunning plan of benevolence is revealed.

Book Cover - Afterward, Everything was Different - A Tale from the Pleistocene

Afterward, Everything was Different: A Tale from the Pleistocene

In this almost wordless picturebook, the reader is immediately transported back 40,000 years to the Pleistocene era: a world of marching mammoths, charging bison and erupting volcanoes. Told through beautifully intricate black and white illustrations reminiscent of Brian Selznick, the story follows a pack of early humans journeying across a treacherous landscape to find refuge for winter.

Book Cover - Luminous - Living Things that Light Up the Night

Luminous: Living Things That Light Up the Night

Luminous is a startling introduction to the strange phenomenon of bioluminescence. Stark illustrations on jet-black pages are illuminated by the glowing blues and silvers of the creatures capable of creating their own light, contrasting dramatically with the warmer tones of our young explorer.