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Book Cover – ASAP


We follow Sori, as she deals with life preparing to become a K-pop idol, all the while trying to manage her parents’ high expectations and her confusing relationship with Nathaniel, her very famous ex-boyfriend. Before long Sori starts to wonder if this is really what she wants after all …

Book Cover - Bad Magic - A Skulduggery Pleasant Graphic Novel

Bad Magic: A Skulduggery Pleasant Graphic Novel

In the tiny town of Termoncara people are dying. In fact, the town has enough unexplained murders to crown it the murder capital of Ireland. And although this fact seems to fly under the radar in the seemingly idyllic town, many townspeople are haunted by secrets and monsters. One of the tormented, teen Jamie, is visited by a monster after his friend, Ethan, dies following an exchange between the two. Jamie is accused of murder, taunted, and consequently kept out of school by his parents to protect him from the hate and intolerance being thrown at him.

Book Cover - Juniper's Christmas

Juniper's Christmas

When her mother vanishes, Juniper Lane finds she has far more to contend with than simply finding her again. This enchanting tale sees Juniper becoming mixed up with four-legged friends, a gang of hilariously named criminals and the big man in the red suit himself.

Book Cover - Oscar's Lion

Oscar's Lion

Oscar is surprised to discover a lion is his babysitter for the weekend. But, when the lion reads his favourite story and lets him have ice-cream for dessert, Oscar realises it could be a fun weekend! Soon, Oscar finds out that the lion transforms into other animals and the pair embark on a series of adventures.

Book Cover - Say My Name

Say My Name

This is a poetically written book on the importance of making the effort to learn to pronounce each other's names correctly. Ho’s prose introduces us to six children and their names. They are from China, Tonga, Persia, the Diné people, the Nahua people of Mexico, and the Akan people of Ghana. Through the text we gain small insights into the cultures of the children such as the Tongan connection to the ocean, and Akan dancing and drumming.

Book Cover - Gods Don't Cry - Unsung Stories of Ireland's Forgotten Immortals

Gods Don't Cry: Unsung Stories of Ireland's Forgotten Immortals

Ellen Ryan delivers another stellar compilation with these tales of Irish gods filled with adventure, magic, courage, self-actualisation, and relationship to others and the land. Ryan reimagines the action, downplaying the more traditional, sometimes toxic masculinity associated with tales of derring-do, and highlights qualities of the gods that are more inclusive, emotive, and multi-dimensional.

Book Cover - Finding Bear

Finding Bear

Finding Bear, sequel to The Last Bear, drives a powerful message to young readers as climate change takes hold in the Arctic. April Wood returns to help her friend, Bear the polar bear, who is struggling to navigate this changing world.

Book Cover - Gigantic


Meet Gigantic: the smallest whale in the big blue sea. He gets teased by his brother for not living up to his name, but Gigantic doesn’t let it get him down. Instead, he gets busy having fun and making friends with some unlikely, and altogether tinier, creatures.

Book Cover - Mama's Sleeping Scarf

Mama's Sleeping Scarf

This first foray into children’s writing by multi award-winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a gentle story of little Chino’s love of her mother, shown through her love of the scarf Mama wears over her hair each night. When Mama has to go to work, the scarf stays behind, bringing Chino comfort until the pair is reunited each evening.

Book Cover - Hello Summer

Hello Summer

This is the third in the series Best Friends with Big Feelings, soon to be followed by Hello Winter. Summer is finally here, and the Little Seasons hand of the Weather Crown has changed to Summer. The four best friends are making their way to the beach to have some fun in the sun, but things start to go wrong. The ants ruin their picnic, their ball pops on a branch, and a great big wave heads straight for their giant sandcastle! When nothing goes his way, Summer gets hot and bothered. Will Autumn, Winter and Spring be able to help him to feel better and enjoy summertime?