HarperCollins Children's Books

Book Cover - Finding Bear

Finding Bear

Finding Bear, sequel to The Last Bear, drives a powerful message to young readers as climate change takes hold in the Arctic. April Wood returns to help her friend, Bear the polar bear, who is struggling to navigate this changing world.

Book Cover - Hello Summer

Hello Summer

This is the third in the series Best Friends with Big Feelings, soon to be followed by Hello Winter. Summer is finally here, and the Little Seasons hand of the Weather Crown has changed to Summer. The four best friends are making their way to the beach to have some fun in the sun, but things start to go wrong. The ants ruin their picnic, their ball pops on a branch, and a great big wave heads straight for their giant sandcastle! When nothing goes his way, Summer gets hot and bothered. Will Autumn, Winter and Spring be able to help him to feel better and enjoy summertime?

Book Cover - Mr Spicebag

Mr Spicebag

For children and adults alike, those have eaten a spice bag from the chip shop and those who have yet to try one, Mr Spicebag is an experience like no other. Freddie Alexander immediately draws the reader into the origin story of the ‘real’ spice bag. We explore the plot through the central character, George, who notices a mysterious change in his town following the arrival of Mr Spicebag’s chipper.

Book Cover - There's a Ghost in this House

There's a Ghost in this House

With There’s a Ghost in This House, Oliver Jeffers is both breaking new ground and using all the classic elements of his style that readers have come to love him for.

Book Cover - The Once and Future Queen: Secrets of the Starcrossed

The Once and Future Queen: Secrets of the Starcrossed

Secrets of the Starcrossed is the exciting opening novel of The Once and Future Queen series which blends an alternate history with fantasy. Set in a fictional reality where the Roman Empire has not fallen, the series tells the story of Londinium teenager Cassandra who unearths her true identity and discovers that her fate is far greater than she could ever have imagined. In this, the first of the series, we follow Cassandra as she befriends mysterious rebel Devyn who has come from beyond the walls of Londinium to seek a lost girl with magic in her blood.

Book Cover - Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth

Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth

Inspired by the birth of his son, Jeffers’s gentle text channels the voice of a parent trying to introduce a newborn to the infinite complexity of life on planet Earth.

Book Cover - What We'll Build: Plans For Our Future Together

What We'll Build: Plans For Our Future Together

You know you’re in safe hands when Oliver Jeffers tells a story. It’s not just because he’s an international award winner. It’s because Jeffers only tells a story if he has something important to say. And most often, just one point to make. Clearly. Simply. With very spare prose, delivered in his delightful trademark handwriting. And with deceptively uncomplicated images. But in What We’ll Build, the message runs deep.

Book Cover - Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection

‘If I can get hurt, and I’m sure you know how wonderful I am, then anyone can get hurt’. As a paid-up member of the walking—if skeletal–dead, Skulduggery Pleasant should be no stranger to getting hurt. But even though he made it through the nine books in Part One of this series more-or-less intact, the forces aligned against him in Resurrection have him rattled. Rumours of an ‘anti-Sanctuary’, an organisation that wants to start a war between magicals and mortals, have turned out to be true.

Book Cover - The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Drew Daywalt reveals the gripping and hilarious story behind the all-too-familiar childhood game in a book that is sure to become a favourite with everyone.

In the Kingdom of Backyard, Rock has emerged as an undefeated champion among many fearsome foes. Yet he is unfulfilled. He must meet and battle with a truly worthy opponent. Little does he know that, at that very same moment Paper, from the Empire of Mum’s Study, and Scissors, from the humble village of Junk Drawer, have also set out on the very same, noble quest. When the three warriors meet, who knows who will be victorious.

Book Cover - Nobody Real

Nobody Real

Marcie and Thor Baker are firm friends, but very different people. For one thing, Marcie lives in the real world and Thor is her imaginary friend. It’s the summer after her final exams and Marcie has some big decisions to make, and despite being sent away six years ago, her old pal Thor is back. But is it to help or hinder her?