Brighton Funk Cover Image

Brighton Funk

Brighton Funk is a coming-of-age love story set in Brighton in the 1970s, the debut novel from Nofel Nawras. Naseem, or Naz, is a young boy deeply troubled by the world around him. His relationship with his father is practically non-existent. The book opens in the middle of an argument between the young boy and his father, and their relationship only deteriorates from there.

A Demon's Touch Cover Image

A Demon's Touch

If you are a lover of history and adventure, this is a fantastic read, the finale of a trilogy set in the late Tudor era of the 16th Century that has taken the reader on a thrilling ride from the sweep of the Ottoman Empire to Syria, Jerusalem, and Elizabethan England.

Book Cover - The Ghosts and Jamal

The Ghosts and Jamal

Thirteen-year old Jamal is the endearing protagonist in this charming and ultimately uncomfortable story set in Nigeria, from exciting HopeRoad Publishing. Author Bridget Blankley tells his story almost solely from Jamal’s point of view, and he has a unique take on the world—informed in part by his particular way of understanding the spiritual beliefs and superstitions of his people, and his enforced isolation from his community as a result of his epilepsy.