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Book Cover - Wise Creatures

Wise Creatures

Hauntings don’t begin with houses. They begin with people. Teenager Daisy lives with her aunt Susan and cousin Nina (who she loves like a sister). After a tragic and mysterious childhood, Daisy has spent much of her life building walls within herself to block out the creatures festering inside her, always threatening to overflow.

Book Cover - Suddenly A Murder

Suddenly A Murder

This YA murder mystery is a modern take on the classic Agatha Christie whodunnit style. Set in America, a group of seven high school graduates celebrate with a week-long 1920s themed getaway.

Book Cover - Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

Erik’s happiness is shattered by the death of his father and becoming the target of bullies at his new school. Erik’s mother, instead of being a source of support to him, embarks on an ill-advised subsequent relationship with a flighty man who abandons her when she becomes pregnant with twins. Erik is forced prematurely into adult responsibilities: being a substitute father and worrying about money. Poverty, fear and resentment propel him increasingly into criminality until his life and his family are threatened.

Book Cover - This Is How You Fall In Love

This Is How You Fall In Love

Zara and Adnan are just friends. Just best friends, to be precise. They always have been and always will be – even if their relationship is about to get very, very complicated. Adnan has found himself in a new relationship and begs Zara to become his pretend-girlfriend to deflect his family’s suspicions. Romance-mad Zara – the girl who loves romcoms and grand dramatic gestures – reluctantly agrees, even though this definitely isn’t the direction she saw her love life taking.

Cover - Honest

Honest: Everything They Don't Tell You About Sex, Relationships and Bodies

‘Sex is EVERYWHERE. So why don’t we talk about it properly?’, Evans questions. In her book aimed at young adults, she sets about softening the stigma surrounding, not only sex, but a number of other topics that can be difficult to discuss.

Book Cover - The Ivory Key

The Ivory Key

The Ivory Key is set in Ashoka, a land and queendom that possesses the last quarry of raw magic. In this world, magic is a natural resource – and like many natural resources, it is running low. Though set in a fantasy world, the recognisable realities of greed and corruption are woven throughout. As enemies of Ashoka prepare for war, ready to fight for the remaining magic, Queen Vira and her three siblings must put their differences aside to save their queendom. So begins their quest to find the legendary Ivory Key and save Ashoka before their enemies unlock a new source of magic.

Book Cover - Spellslinger


Kellen is almost sixteen, which means he should be fighting magic duels and unlocking elemental powers to earn his mage name—standard rites of passage for his people. He’s failing all of them, which means that he is resorting to his best ability: quick-thinking deception.

Book Cover - Girls Can’t Hit

Girls Can’t Hit

Feminism, Anglo-Saxon peasants and boxing – a surprisingly winning combination!

Fleur leads a relatively tame life where her only excitement is dressing as an Anglo-Saxon peasant at the weekends. Her days are filled with avoiding sporty school bully Bonita and enduring her over-protective mother, with the occasional date with her nice/dull boyfriend George.

Book Cover - The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

Mafalda is a nine-year-old girl suffering from Stargardt disease, which causes gradual vision loss and eventual blindness. With the doctors estimating that she has only six months before her vision fails completely, Mafalda begins to write a list of all the things she loves and won’t be able to do any more.

Book Cover - Ascension: A Phobos novel (Phobos Trilogy 1)

Ascension: A Phobos novel (Phobos Trilogy 1)

Leonor has been chosen as one of twelve young astronauts to take part in the Genesis programme. There are six girls and six boys, in two separate bays of a single spaceship, journeying on a one-way trip to Mars. They are also contenders in a televised space speed-dating show, which aims to create the first human colony on the red planet. The astronauts have six minutes each week to find their perfect partner for a lifetime together on Mars. But what seems to be a dream could easily turn into a nightmare.