Ivy Kids

Book Cover - Where's the Ballerina

Where's the Ballerina?

Abigail Goh’s delicate and vibrant illustrations combine with Anna Claybourne’s clear and concise text to produce a visually stunning, absorbing and informative look at the world’s favourite ballet stories.

Book Cover - Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World

Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World

Discover the amazing stories and follow the nail-biting journeys of some of the world’s most heroic and extraordinary explorers, including Marco Polo, Magellan, Norgay and Hillary, Ellen MacArthur and Neil Armstrong.

Throughout history, explorers have set out to discover new territories by land, sea, air and space. Many of these brave pioneers have the tales of their thrilling adventures spotlighted in this sumptuously illustrated book by award-winning non-fiction author Anita Ganeri.

Book Cover - The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things

The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things

‘How are jeans made?’, ‘Where does drinking water come from?’, ‘How does the internet work?’ are just some of the puzzles that we ponder everyday, and in her latest information book for young readers, Libby Deutsch attempts to answer these and many more burning questions.

Book Cover - This Is Not Another Maths Book

This Is Not Another Maths Book

Readers are challenged to decide whether this is a maths book or an art book. Personally I come down on the side of art! Anna Weltman has done it again, effortlessly putting the STEAM into STEM, she has created a terrific follow up to her 2016 Educational Writers’ Award winning This is Not a Maths Book.

Book Cover - Vet Academy

Vet Academy

Attention animal lovers: whether you dream of feeding rhinos and tigers their breakfast, or just want some tips for decorating your pet gerbil’s cage, it’s time to enrol at Vet Academy. You’ll learn about a day in the life of an elephant, discover how to decipher the body language of cats and dogs and see what you should pack for a late-night farm emergency.

Book Cover - Sticker Shape Create

Sticker Shape Create

Illustrator Thereza Rowe has created a beautifully bright and cheerful activity sticker book that inspires creativity. Children can create 29 scenes using over 1,500 stickers and are encouraged to add their own imaginative details using colouring pencils or pens. Each double-page spread provides step-by-step instructions to create the images and a background scene to complete.