Kisses for Jet Cover Image

Kisses for Jet: A Coming-of-Gender Story

Kisses for Jet is a graphic novel set in the Netherlands in 1999. Jet, sixteen, is sent to live in a boarding house when their parents move abroad to (mysteriously) take care of the Millennium Bug.

Book Cover - In Waves

In Waves

This graphic novel interweaves the biographies of two historically significant surfers with the autobiographical narrative of the young contemporary protagonist, who also surfs. What it also depicts is the kind of reverence that the activity evokes. This aspect of the book offers an effectively researched history, combined with an emotional engagement with surfing.

Book Cover - The King of Birds

The King of Birds

This collection of linked stories, in comic strip form, modelled on traditional Russian folklore has some beautiful artwork. Rich colours are everywhere and there are some very dramatic visual compositions that maintain engagement. There is evocative and effective use of comic strip grammar in laying out pages to increase drama, emphasise key points, and shift the pace of the narratives. The sequences where a human protagonist visits the three different realms of the sisters of the king of birds are powerfully realised.

Book Cover - The Senses

The Senses

This enthralling graphic novel is a follow-up to Neurocomic, with which it shares many traits. Primarily, they demonstrate that the graphic format is ideal for making complex biological systems comprehensible to all. Both catapult protagonists on journeys through the human body, narrated via sequential monochrome panels with or without text. The hand-drawn imagery is hallucinatory and largely composed of accurately rendered biological diagrams.

Book Cover - Moonhead and the Music Machine

Moonhead and the Music Machine

This is a graphic novel about self-confidence, music, bullying and school life. It incorporates both realistic and surrealist elements in illustration, characterisation and narrative.

Joey Moonhead gets bullied at school (for having a moon for a head) and has few friends, although the ones he does have are as engaged with both science and music as he is. He is determined to become a musician and enter the school talent competition. After some initial setbacks Ghost Boy helps Joey build an instrument and also builds his confidence as a performer.

Book Cover - Nightlights


This is an utterly beautiful book about imagination, insecurity and creativity. Sandy draws the tiny lights she sees in her bedroom at night, creating fantastical creatures and landscapes. When a new girl appears at her school who seems to admire her whimsical drawings, Sandy is pleased, as her work has never been complimented before. Indeed, her teachers see what she does as mere doodling and see her as failing to concentrate on lessons.