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Eco Girl - book cover

Eco Girl

Eve is a little girl who loves the forest near her house and all the animals and plants within it… but she especially loves the Baobab tree. When she visits her grandmother’s home she receives a special birthday present of a Baobab seed to continue the family tradition of planting a tree in the forest.

Stories of Peace and Kindness - book cover

Stories of Peace and Kindness for a Better World

A book of seven folktales, Stories of Peace & Kindness gives readers an insight into how seven different cultures approach overcoming the frailties of humankind. Stories from Ethiopia, Sudan, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and China are told by Elizabeth Laird simply and with care.

Book Cover - How the Borks Became

How the Borks Became

How do you explain a challenging concept like evolution to young children? That is the aim of this inventive and engaging book.

Book Cover - A Kid in My Class

A Kid in My Class

The eponymous ‘kid’ in this exuberant collection from prize-winning poet Rooney is a wildly varying type – there’s the football-mad one, the self-obsessed (presented in haiku form with the word ‘me’ repeated seventeen times), the compulsive fibber, the nondescript ‘Joe Bloggs’. There’s also the serial best-friender, the fidgeter and the queen bee who’s always first – with everything.

Book Cover - Can You See a Little Bear?

Can You See a Little Bear?

This is a look-and-find book with a difference. Jackie Morris’s gorgeous watercolours will draw children into a world that is dreamlike and magical – a sumptuous place of fantasy, rich in detail and colour. There is so much to explore on every opening – exotic people and animals, musical instruments, modes of transport, clothes, colours, textures, landscapes and the overall beckoning attraction of the world of the circus.

Book Cover - Travels With My Granny

Travels With My Granny

Rix and Corr’s delightful picturebook centres on the loving relationship between Granny and her grandchild. Granny may not be able to remember yesterday, or move from her house, but she is able to bring her grandchild, and the reader, on a journey all over the globe, from Peru to China.

Book Cover - Chicken on the Roof

Chicken on the Roof

Poetry, profundity and high comedy combine in this brilliant book of sparkling poems from Matt Goodfellow. The absurdity of chickens stuck on rooftops, hedgehogs wincing through the backstroke, talking baked bean tins, a cat relieving itself in a grandparent’s beard, reflections on loss, the passage of time, the importance of place, and the grandeur of nature all happily cohabit here, forming a collection which can raise a loud laugh or prompt a quiet tear.

Book Cover - Here Comes Lolo

Here Comes Lolo

Lolo is a happy little girl who lives with her mother and grandmother (Gogo) in South Africa. Lolo’s mischievous and lively nature ensures she has many adventures as she skips through life, home and school leaving a trail of laughter, a few frowns and a lot of warmth and love along the way.

Book Cover - Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders

Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders

Migrations, Open Hearts, Open Borders is a capsule collection of illustrated postcards from artists who wished to express their support for migrants and refugees. The original idea was that illustrators the world over would send a postcard illustrated with a bird and a few words of encouragement to a central address, thus physically creating a ‘migration’.

Book Cover - Astro Girl

Astro Girl

This is the perfect book if you want to introduce pre-school children to the wonder of space travel.