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Book cover - We Are Shapes

We Are Shapes

Melinda Beck’s board book is bright, colourful and very inviting for younger readers. Simply and clearly, it introduces basic shapes such as a square, rectangle, triangle and circle and their properties (the triangle has three sides and is very pointy). It also gives the similarities and differences for the shapes (the rectangle and square have four sides and the circle has no sides). The illustrations make it a joy as the children see how shapes can be used to form pictures together.

Book Cover - Toto’s Apple

Toto’s Apple

Toto is a fearless, funny little worm. All Toto wants is a delicious red apple. Unfortunately for Toto, ‘The apple is up high, Toto is down low.’ But Toto has been thinking outside the box…

Book Cover - Blue & Other Colours with Henri Matisse

Blue & Other Colours with Henri Matisse

This beautiful board book introduces toddlers to colours using 25 vibrant works of art by Henri Matisse. The bold shapes and vibrant colours in Matisse’s cutouts will appeal to young readers, and the works are brilliantly reproduced. Phaidon Press’s reputation for creating high-quality art books is justified.