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Book Cover - Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler

Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler

Grab your binoculars and hop on board this jungle river cruise; Kate and Rupert are back with another case to solve, and they need your help! Ever heard of a bird called the Silver Wibbler? Well, after reading this book, you’ll know all about it…or will you? Join Kate and her trustee sidekick Rupert the mouse for their second adventure, trekking through the jungle, being led by the call of this mysterious bird. Will they be able to track it down in time?

Book cover - Big Sky Mountain The Forest Wolves

Big Sky Mountain: Forest Wolves

Rosa lives with her grandmother, Nan, on Big Sky Mountain, a wild and magical place where animals can talk and where everybody, be they animal or human, is made to feel welcome. When a big storm sends a lost wolf cub to their door, Rosa and her grandmother find themselves on a mission to find the cub’s family. Things are made more complicated by the fact that Stick, the little cub, is very clearly a wolf, and everybody is very, very frightened of wolves. If Stick is to find a safe home, Rosa and her animal friends must face up to their fears.

Book Cover - A Storm of Strawberries

A Storm of Strawberries

Darby loves her sister Kaydee with all of her heart. Lissa, Kaydee’s friend, doesn’t seem to like Darby, though. And she’s staying for a few days at their family’s strawberry farm. Storm clouds gather and emotions run high in this story of love, acceptance and finding the strength to advocate for the people you love.

Book Cover -The Eleventh Trade

The Eleventh Trade

Vibrant characters and a lively narrative draw the reader straight into this heart-warming story about life as a refugee featuring Sami and his grandfather Baba who live in Boston having fled the Taliban and their home in Afghanistan via Asia and Europe. A renowned musician in his homeland, Baba now busks on the streets to eke out a living. One day when Sami is taking a turn at playing the rebab in the rush-hour station corridor, Baba’s prized musical instrument is grabbed out of Sami’s hands and stolen.

Book Cover - Charlie and Me

Charlie and Me

Martin is a thirteen-year-old poet and is on a journey with his younger brother Charlie to visit the seaside town to see the dolphin they met a year ago, 421 miles away from home. And they can’t afford to get caught because this journey has a big secret behind it.

Book Cover - The Fearless Five

The Fearless Five

A group of five schoolchildren have just finished sixth class and are looking forward to their hazy, lazy summer holidays; but their lives change forever when these pleasant, good natured, mild-mannered kids plan (of all things) a heist and manage to become the Most Wanted Kids In Ireland – the inimitable Fearless Five!

Book Cover - The Last Human

The Last Human

The Last Human by Lee Bacon is a sci-fi adventure novel about an unlikely friendship between man and machine. In a not-so-distant future, the human race has been eliminated and robots reign supreme. Everything is orderly. Everything is adequate. Without humans, there is no war, pollution or suffering. XR, a twelve-year-old robot living in this humanless utopia, has never questioned anything about the world. That is, until he discovers Emma – a human girl who subverts all his previous assumptions about the human race.

Book Cover - Eating Chips with Monkey

Eating Chips with Monkey

When ten-year-old Daniel suffers a terrible accident one night, he loses all memory of his life before the incident and becomes a shadow of his former self, speaking to no one except for his toy Monkey. His family try to help him by using one thing that they know he loves: chips. Eating Chips with Monkey follows Daniel’s family on a drive around England to find the best fish and chip shop in the country. The family experiences many amusing mishaps and adventures along the way, such as Grandma’s encounter with a very hungry giraffe.

Book Cover - Lalani of the Distant Sea

Lalani of the Distant Sea

Imagine a land where birds do not sing and nothing is known of the world beyond. A place fuelled by fear and superstition. A place where girls and women have little value and life is dictated by a single leader. This is where Lalani has grown up.

Book Cover - Mark Anchovy: Pizza Detective

Mark Anchovy: Pizza Detective

Colin Kingsley is a pizza delivery boy who longs to become a detective. But in his sleepy home town, Rufflington-On-Sea, there is a complete lack of cases to solve – until he crosses paths with the Golden Spatula League. The G.S.L. is a top secret agency for ‘caterer detectives’, run by children working in the fast-food world. They have spotted Colin’s potential and amazing photographic memory and think he is just the guy to join their investigative organisation.