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Book Cover - I'm Not Afraid - A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehood Adventure

I'm Not Afraid: A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehood Adventure

Little Hedgehog is not scared. Nope, not at all. They are not scared when they wake up to find Big Hedgehog gone. They are not scared when they must search down in the dark, creepy basement. They are not even scared when they hear mysterious voices singing in the woods around them. Basically, Little Hedgehog is not scared, not even a little bit, not at all …

Book Cover - The Swing

The Swing

The Swing, by accomplished illustrator Britta Teckentrup, is a beautifully produced volume that chronicles sweetly and lyrically the passing of time in everyday lives. We don’t know when it was put there, but this swing has been a landmark for ages. Its location, on a hill overlooking the ever-changing sea, is what makes the swing so much a part of the community.

My Dog Hen - book cover

My Dog, Hen

Hen, an excitable little dog with an appetite for mischief, is adopted from the shelter by a young boy and his parents. Hen loves to eat the curtains, the cushions, and even his new toys - until Grandma gives him something special. Hen’s story carries a wonderful lesson about finding the value in things that are pre-owned. Mackintosh’s endearing new picturebook will resonate with any family that has ever adopted a pet from a rescue shelter, and demonstrates the importance of showing compassion, kindness and patience to animals.

Hair - book cover

Hair: From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows

Did you know that humans can have up to 150,000 hair strands on our heads; that about 300 years ago women would have such elaborate hairstyles that they would sleep while sitting up, to not ruin their towered hairstyles; that hair is made of a kind of substance that is also found in our nails? Katja Spitzer’s new book is filled with many such interesting anecdotes and stories on the cultural history of hair from around the world.

Book cover - Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits

Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits

The work of German illustrator Olaf Hajek bursts from the page full of stories and curiosities. His beautiful illustrations sing with colour reminiscent of the work of Frida Kahlo and it is these vibrant illustrations that are at the heart of this enchanting book. Not an obvious subject choice for a book for children aged 6 – 9, the fantastic fruit heroes of Olaf Hajek are brought to life through a combination of mystical tales and interesting facts.

Book Cover - Birds and Their Feathers

Birds and Their Feathers

Teckentrup’s work needs no introduction to people who read picturebooks. She is author of The Egg; Under the Same Sky; Neon Leon, and many more. What they all have in common is beautiful artwork and this is no exception. I don’t use the word ‘stunning’ lightly, but it is deserved here. If you know a child who loves facts, or birds, who is curious about the world, then begin with this book.

Book Cover - My Little Book of Big Questions

My Little Book of Big Questions

This is a book about the big questions everyone asks at some stage in their lives: What will become of me? Is it possible to think of nothing? Why can’t I fly? Is it possible to feel too happy? Britta Teckentrup doesn’t answer the questions, but leafing through this attractive picturebook should encourage many interesting conversations.

Book Cover - Taxi Ride with Victor

Taxi Ride with Victor

Victor has always dreamed of becoming the galaxy’s greatest taxi driver, but unfortunately his sense of direction isn’t always up to scratch. Left turn, right turn, go straight ahead – it doesn’t seem to matter. A ride in Victor’s taxi is definitely an adventure, resulting in unpredictable destinations for all his passengers, and ultimately himself.

Book Cover - Eugene the Architect

Eugene the Architect

Sometimes it’s good to bend, if not break the rules, as fussy architect Eugene learns in this delightful book about how the natural environment and the built environment can work together, to celebrate the imperfect perfection of nature.

Book Cover - Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder

Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder

The continent of Antarctica was first explored by Europeans only 200 years ago. For many years explorers, sailors, and scientists have been travelling to this destination, the world’s only uninhabited continent, to learn all they can about its icy environment. Here is every child’s chance to travel with a group of researchers on their half-year stay in Antarctica as they examine animals, plants, atmosphere, weather, and fossils.