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Book Cover – How Families Are Made

How Families Are Made

This is a short but mighty book seeking to explain the biological and societal structures of a family. It focuses mainly on pregnancy, birth, babies, and families and as such is suited to children who have questions about how they became part of a family, before their development focuses on their own growth and change.

Book Cover - The Book of Irish Sporting Heroes

The Book of Sporting Heroes

This is a beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining, informative book which will appeal to sports fans young and old. It starts with a comprehensive look at soccer in Ireland, from its history to its superstars past and present, before moving onto Gaelic Games which, similarly to soccer, gets ten large pages of Corcoran’s signature style illustrations with striking background scenes and colours.

Book Cover - Incredible Football - 60 True Stories Every Fan Needs to Know

Incredible Football: 60 True Stories Every Fan Needs to Know

Incredible Football takes the reader through sixty engaging true stories about the world of football, covering facts and stats about the world’s best players and teams.

Book Cover - Failosophy for Teens

Failosophy for Teens

Elizabeth Day’s ‘handbook for when things go wrong’ does what it says on the tin: it hands teens tools for coping with life’s inevitable failures. Failosophy for Teens draws heavily from Day’s own experiences and from those of the guests on her podcast to demonstrate the various ways in which attitudes and thought processes can change the ways that failures impact day-to-day life, breaking her ‘failosophy’ down into seven basic principles intended to help the reader make the best of all situations.

Book Cover - Night Sky

Night Sky

The majesty of the heavens is the preoccupation of this beautifully written and illustrated book that abounds in scientific, historical and human-interest trivia. Rola Shaw’s prose is vivid, direct and clearly phrased, allowing the facts and figures of the cosmos to shine brightly in the minds of her readers.

Book Cover - All Kinds of Friends

All Kinds of Friends

Plot twist alert! In this follow up to All Kinds of Families, Sophy Henn again flips the script. Instead of depicting human interactions to explore different types of relationships, she turns to the animal kingdom and unusual animal pairings found in the wild. The relationship between each animal pairing is used to help young readers understand what it is to be a friend, encouraging them to think about their own relationships.

Book Cover - Amazing Animal Babies

Amazing Animal Babies

This publication is born into a world full of books about animals. However, it has a huge advantage over other publications in that it is firmly aimed at very young children. It starts at their level of awareness and brings the reader on an expedition around the world to observe young animals in their habitats.

Book Cover - Atlas of Oddities

Atlas of Oddities

The Atlas of Oddities is a unique compendium of some of the most unusual events, objects and people that make our world such a fascinating place. From the prolific pen of Clive Gifford, author of over 150 books, and inspired by both his own travels and those of his parents who worked for an airline, this round-the-world adventure takes the reader through all of the planet’s continents and countries. Along the way the reader also learns about the rich diversity of our planet and its population of over 7 billion people, each with their own culture, interests, traditions and ways of life.