Rocket Bird Books

The Rocket Bird Crew has one mission: to turn children into booklovers before they’re able to read a single word. We work with the most amazing authors and illustrators (both well-known names and soon to be so) to create picture books that live beyond the page. Retold and remembered on bus journeys and woodland walks, these are stories to returned to time and time again. Welcome to the first chapter of our adventure.

Book Cover - Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo is an unusual bee; he has pink instead of yellow stripes. Baboo likes to dance and tries to make friends with some of the other bees in his hive but to no avail. After being cruelly rejected, Baboo goes off by himself where he finds another unusual insect and the two become friends and dance together. They’re having so much fun that the other insects gather around to watch, and they realise they’d like to be different too!

Book Cover - My Self, Your Self

My Self, Your Self

In a woodland, a little troop of creatures play, bake and talk about what it means to be an individual. They ask big questions about what is inside of us, or outside of us, and what makes my ‘self’ different to your ‘self.’ Thus begins a little philosophical exploration of our understanding of our own identities.

Book Cover - Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Maisie really wants a pet, she knows all about animals, but Mum says no. When Maisie imagines all the animals on their food packets coming alive and making her wish come true, she ends up with more mess and chaos in their small flat than she bargained for, maybe Mum has a point ...