Book Cover - The Frog's Kiss

The Frog's Kiss

A reimagination of a story that is familiar to many of us, but painted in a new light with all the colours of the rainbow through words and images. Most of us are willing to do whatever we need to find love. This is demonstrated in this book through the expansive and evocative illustrations that follows our little frog on his big journey in finding love and himself.

Book Cover - The Traitor in the Game

Traitor in the Game

This fast-moving thriller is set in the world of online gaming and is the sequel to the Campbell’s first book, A Game of Life or Death.

Book Cover - Reggie Houser Has The Power

Reggie Houser Has The Power

Reggie Houser has ADHD and struggles to make friends at school, with even his mum and teachers seeming to be constantly weary of his erratic, high-energy ways. But when he sees a hypnotist perform on stage at the holiday park he visits, Reggie becomes obsessed with learning the skills of mind control and discovers he has an incredible talent for it!

Book Cover - Signed Sealed Dead

Signed Sealed Dead

When crime-podcast-loving teenager Paige moves with her family to small town Shorehaven, she imagines her main worry will be how to fit in. Despite their new house being somewhat eerie and dilapidated, Paige is determined to make it work. Yet within days of her arrival, it becomes clear that fitting in will be the least of her worries. Paige learns about a series of unsolved murders that took place in the town decades ago, with one of the surviving victims having previously lived in her house.

Book Cover - A Taste of Darkness

A Taste of Darkness

Fantasy and horror aficionados alike will thoroughly enjoy this creepy compilation of thirteen short stories, masterfully crafted by a selection of acclaimed authors of young adult fiction. From ancient woodlands housing monsters, to houses that are monstrous themselves, this anthology features a diverse selection of tales full of supernatural elements and suspenseful twists.

Book Cover - You Better Watch Out

You Better Watch Out

Last year’s school Secret Santa ended in tragedy, so Eleri is understandably not looking forward to this year’s festivities. However, when strange daily gifts are left for her in the creepy abandoned building opposite her home, she is thrilled for the break in her dull routine. The possibility that the person behind this unusual Christmas countdown could be her crush, Ras, is exhilarating. But as the gifts get more and more sinister, Eleri is forced to wonder if they are connected to her friend Nina’s disappearance.

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain - book cover

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain

Frankie Finkleton’s world is a very busy one. She’s a typical eleven-year-old with a loving family and lots going on at school. Frankie also has a sideline as a very secret investigator and from time to time goes on adventures to an imaginary world called Thoughtopolis with her younger brother Fred and her dog Blue.

Book Cover - Jay's Guide to Crushing It

Jay's Guide to Crushing It

Jay’s family are starting fresh after an incident at Jay’s old school, and that means no more skateboarding, no more boy’s clothes, and no more ‘tomboy phase’ – and what’s a person to do when their entire personality has been stripped away in the name of personal safety? This is a hilarious, thoughtful romantic comedy about gender, the importance of identity and of taking up space in the world, as well as a look at what, exactly, is at stake when someone will do anything to keep their loved ones happy.

Book Cover - Everyone's Thinking It

Everyone's Thinking It

Fans of intrigue and drama at elite boarding schools, à la Gossip Girl, will find a lot to love in this thought-provoking exploration of race and racism, identity, and queerphobia, that is also a love letter to classic teen romcoms.

Book Cover - The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom

The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom

Our hero, 9-year-old Maggie McKay, is confident, brave and a little bit naughty - as all the best children’s protagonists are. Along with her mother and sister, she has reluctantly moved to the hilariously named Knobbly Bottom, which she assures us is a small village and not an actual bum. There, she meets colourful characters like Fred Tibble, Nan Helsing, Gary the Great and Evil Child-Eater, and, most terrifyingly, a flock of vampire sheep that only Maggie can stop from taking over the world.