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Book Cover - The Slug and the Snail

The Slug and the Snail

A pair of slug brothers travel the roads until their peace is interrupted by a crow who asks where their home is. Embarrassed, the younger slug makes himself a home he can carry on his back and starts to call himself a snail. The brothers grow apart until they meet with the crow once more and begin to realise how alike they are after all.

Book Cover - Unsettled


From its opening acknowledgements and introduction, this book draws you in and demands that you take notice of every word. Part memoir, part poetry, part polemic of the life she was forced to live, Rosaleen McDonagh’s extraordinary debut is a rich and complex portrayal of one woman’s life in modern Ireland.

Book Cover - Why the Moon Travels

Why the Moon Travels

In the introduction Oein DeBhairduin describes the heart of the Traveller community as ‘a bonfire of remembrance and connection’. I can think of no more eloquent or fitting phrase with which to introduce this, the first collection of folk tales about Travellers written and illustrated by Travellers.