Two Hoots

Book cover - The Littlest Elephant

The Littlest Elephant

Read’s The Littlest Elephant tells us the story of Ellie, the littlest elephant in her herd. Ellie has recently learned to swim and is eager to show off her new skills. On her way to the pool, her excitement takes over her senses and wreaks a little bit of havoc and is only brought to full awareness of her surroundings again just before a very bad potential accident!

Book Cover - Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

At the occasion of the centenary of women’s vote in the United Kingdom, David Robert’s prose and illustrations come together beautifully in a tribute to the women and men who participated in the struggle. Starting in 1832 with the first Great People’s Reform Act, Suffragette records chronologically the important events leading up to Universal Suffrage.

Book Cover - A House That Once Was

A House That Once Was

Two award-winning children’s books heavy-weights come together to craft this beautiful tale of the life of a home that is now only a house. With gently rhythmic words and delicate, impressionistic paintings we learn the story of the house.

Book Cover - The Steves

The Steves

Steve meets Steve, but who was there first? Who was the original Steve? Neither can believe it! Surely, there can only be one Steve… Anything else would be nonsense! Or maybe two, but one has to be the second Steve. These two puffins are outraged. Their argument descends into sillier and sillier claims and hurtful name-calling. Finally, they realise there isn’t really anything to argue about; the can both be Steve. But then…

Book Cover - Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel

Award-winning author Bethan Woolvin is back with another of her signature subversions of classic fairy tales, this time taking on Hansel and Gretel with striking graphics and trademark humour. Slip off the dust jacket of Hansel & Gretel to reveal the outline of a cookie-cutter – don’t be taken in by this; Woolvin’s fun interpretation of the story is more kooky than uniform.

Book Cover - We Want Our Books

We Want Our Books

Thankfully, library closures aren’t common in Ireland but this isn’t the case elsewhere, sadly. In recent years, hundreds of public libraries have been closed across the United Kingdom and the United Sates due to government cutbacks and this has had a major impact on local communities.

Book Cover - I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now

I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now

Hunkered down at the top of the stairs listening to the sounds of the party down below, Meena hatches a plan. She has had enough of being left out – from now on, she is going to be a grown up, and the very first thing she plans to do is to throw a very grown-up party of her own.

Book Cover - One Fox

One Fox

An early lesson in the exponential, the power of community and how vulnerable the hunter can be, One Fox is a visual epic, a clarion call to count and be counted. Readers encounter a fox and some chickens in this beautifully illustrated counting book.

Book Cover - A Hat for Mr Mountain

A Hat for Mr Mountain

A Hat For Mr Mountain is a whimsical little story about a mountain who longs for a hat to keep his head safe from the snow. Why? Because he is deathly afraid of it! It is the début picturebook from the South Korean winner of the Silent Book Prize at the 2019 Bologna Book Fair.

Book Cover - I Can Catch A Monster

I Can Catch A Monster

Imagine your big brothers take off on a quest to find a monster without you. This is what happens to Bo; she is told she is too small and must stay home, but Bo is brave and decides she will find a monster on her own. Along the way she meets a griffin, a kraken and a dragon but cannot believe they are monsters as they are far too kind and friendly. It is only when Bo helps the mother dragon find her stolen baby dragon that Bo understands what a monster really is.