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Book Cover - The Second Hand Boy

The Second Hand Boy

Billy’s anxiety starts to get the better of him when his only pal Marty moves away. Not even his favourite subject, Space, makes him feel better. It is hard enough having to take care of his mum, a ‘sensitive soul’ who often cannot get out of bed, but the loneliness he feels with the stress of regularly being bullied takes its toll.

Book Cover - Hideki Smith - Demon Queller

Hideki Smith: Demon Queller

Caleb Hideki Smith, is one of the two half-Japanese students in his North Carolina small-town school—the other is his sister, Emily. He doesn’t have big dreams; he wishes he was average, white, and the type of guy with a bottle cap collection. This is, of course, impossible. After an explosion caused by nearby fracking and the appearance of a ghostly shrine, Caleb and Emily find themselves changed in uncanny ways. As they grapple with their transformations, long-hidden Japanese monsters and spirits emerge to wreak chaos.

Book Cover - Worrybot


Josh is just a regular ten-year-old who likes telling jokes and playing FIFA, but he is also a self-diagnosed worrier. When his parents tell him he’s moving house at the end of the school holidays, his anxious thoughts begin to take over and he struggles with this change in his life. Now in his new school, we follow Josh as he grapples with the fraught realities of moving house, dealing with bullies, and finding friends in the unlikeliest of places.

Book Cover - My Brother George

My Brother George

Molly is the best kind of sister to her wonderful brother, George, both of them loving and supportive of each other always. In this story, she tells us of all the great things about George - everything from the wonderful things he can do, to how he dresses and the lovely things he wears, to their great brother-sister relationship.

Book Cover - My Momma Zo

My Momma Zo

Families are the whole world to young children. In My Momma Zo, one child introduces us to her family: her parents, her brother, herself and her dog. We learn a little bit of information about each member of the family and get to see where they live and what they like to do. Molly also shares the story of how her Momma Zo used to be called Daddy, and how she was unhappy back then. Since becoming Momma Zo she is much happier, and so is everyone else too.

Book Cover - The Octopus, Dadu and Me

The Octopus, Dadu and Me

When Sashi’s parents buy her tickets to the local aquarium, they hope it will be an escape from their recent troubles, as Sashi’s beloved grandfather has dementia and no longer recognises any of them. Sashi’s parents believe the sea life will be a welcome diversion, but their plan proves all too successful when Sashi receives a psychic message from the aquarium’s resident octopus, Ian, requesting her help in returning to the ocean. What follows is part heist, part family drama, as Sashi and her friends plot Ian’s liberation.

The Wind Child Cover Image

The Wind Child

The Wind Child is a richly textured story of loss and grief set against a tapestry of Slavic folklore interwoven throughout both the text and its gorgeous decorative illustrations.

Book Cover - The Drowning Day

The Drowning Day

Anne Cassidy’s latest novel, The Drowning Day, unfolds across a few days in the life of Jade, our central protagonist, a twelve-year-old girl living in a village called Peter’s Town near North Hampton. The year is 2052, and terrifying weather events including huge waves are a part of normal existence: Jade’s family live with the consequences of plastic waste in the environment, eking out a living by recovering some bits and pieces from the past.

Book Cover - Cheesed Off!

Cheesed Off!

This début picturebook from reading development and children’s book consultant Jake Hope certainly calls for a party! Hope’s joyous picturebook, combined with Genevieve Aspinall’s spectacular illustrations, is a pure delight that is sure to lead to many smiles and surprises. Hope tells a playful story about a birthday party and a community of mischievous mice who want to join in the fun when they hear the word ‘Cheese!’ Hope’s clever wordplay and repetition of the word ‘cheese’ reinforces and invites reader engagement, complemented by Aspinall’s beautifully vibrant illustrations.

Book Cover: The Monster Belt

The Monster Belt

Estevez’s fantasy, fiction novel is an intriguing page turner that relies heavily on investment in the novel’s main question: do monsters exist and if so, are they responsible for the disappearances of young male swimmers in two separate places? The novel is told through two narrative perspectives and worlds. Harris White is from sunny Formentera. Harris is determined to prove his best friend Jonty was taken by an underwater monster.