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The Wind Child Cover Image

The Wind Child

The Wind Child is a richly textured story of loss and grief set against a tapestry of Slavic folklore interwoven throughout both the text and its gorgeous decorative illustrations.

Book Cover: The Monster Belt

The Monster Belt

Estevez’s fantasy, fiction novel is an intriguing page turner that relies heavily on investment in the novel’s main question: do monsters exist and if so, are they responsible for the disappearances of young male swimmers in two separate places? The novel is told through two narrative perspectives and worlds. Harris White is from sunny Formentera. Harris is determined to prove his best friend Jonty was taken by an underwater monster.

Book Cover - Raising Hell

Raising Hell

Ivy Elisabeth Mann is having a hell of a time, no pun intended, coping with the consequences of opening a literal rift in the space–time continuum that happens to be actively leaking dark matter in to the world at a rate of knots. Dark matter that happens to manifest itself as black magic. It’s hard being a teenager when the rent is due and the world is about to end.

Book Cover - Mina and the Undead

Mina and the Undead

The year is roughly 1994 and a series of gory murders is terrorising New Orleans. What is interesting is that these deaths seem to tend towards a slightly vampiric nature. Will the aptly named Mina, a recent blow-in from England, be able to figure what’s going on and stop the killer before they strike again?

Book Cover - The Weather Weaver

The Weather Weaver

Stella is a typical eleven-year-old, who misses her parents, misses living in one place and misses her recently deceased gran. She’s sent to Shetland to stay with her grandpa, whom she hasn’t seen for many years since the family moved away. Nothing is the same without her gran, though. Tempers flare and Stella storms out of the house, which is the catalyst for a magical adventure.

Cover of Gut Feelings by C.G. Moore

Gut Feelings

Chris is eleven when he learns he has inherited a condition that predisposes him to cancer. This realistic and insightful verse narrative follows Chris through his teen years to university, taking in a broader scope of ages than is usually found in a single book for young people.