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Book Cover - Frindleswylde


Cora and her grandmother live in a house in the woods. The rule is clear: when the first snow falls, never let the light out, never let winter in. Winter, in this tale steeped in magic, folklore and literary references, takes the form of a selfish, lazy, cunning boy: Frindleswylde.

Book Cover - Frankenstiltskin


You’re likely familiar with the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltkin; a mischievous creature who helps a young girl impress the king, but at a great cost. The only way out of this bargain is if the young girl can guess this strange creature’s unusual name. In this, part two of the Fairy Tales Gone Bad trilogy, Coelho tells a twisted version of this familiar story.

Book Cover - Sam and Jump

Sam and Jump

Sam and his stuffed bunny, Jump, are best friends and they do everything together. After a trip to the beach they make a new friend, but Jump is accidentally left behind. Will Sam ever see Jump again? What could have happened to him?

Author-illustrator Jennifer K. Mann takes a heart-warming approach to friendship in Sam and Jump, subtly touching on issues such as loyalty and responsibility, but above all, she beautifully deals with the very real anguish of losing a special toy.

Book Cover - Lucky Lazlo

Lucky Lazlo

Steve Light has illustrated this book beautifully. The cover draws you in with its intimate detail and sharp contrast of colours. The first page introduces us to Lazlo who is on a quest to give a rose to his love. However, a mischievous cat intervenes and so the story begins to unfold. We are taken on an adventure as we weave through a theatre and its actors, set makers, musicians, props and the audience. It’s a fast chase through the whole building and the backstage world of Alice in Wonderland.

Book Cover - Also An Octopus

Also An Octopus

Also An Octopus is also, just so you know, the story of a little bit of nothing – because that’s how every story starts, when you think about it. Featuring a ukulele-playing octopus who wants to fly in a spaceship, a team of rocket scientists, a little girl and a cute bunny, this odyssey into the inner workings of a story is much more than the sum of its extraordinary parts.

Book Cover - The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas’s début novel is warm, empathic and timely. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this is the story of a young woman coming of age in two worlds, the warm yet troubled community she was raised in and that of the largely white private school she attends. When she witnesses her unarmed friend Khalil shot and killed by a police officer, Starr finds herself at a crossroads. Should she remain silent and keep safe as tensions escalate? Or should she speak out against racism and police corruption?

Book Cover - Release


In the acknowledgements of this stunning work, arguably the most important and impressive gay teenage novel ever published in Britain, Patrick Ness cites two influences: Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Judy Blume’s Forever. He utilises the structure of the former and Blume’s empathetic frankness, making both very much his own. The novel is also informed, perhaps, by elements of authorial experience: Adam Thorn, like his creator, is a gay American from an evangelical background.

Book Cover - Polly Pecorino

Polly Pecorino

In this beautifully crafted story, we meet a brave and kind girl, Polly Pecorino, who is a constant rescuer of small animals. She lives in a small town called Abbeville and goes about her daily life in the usual way. Though Polly is depicted as an ordinary schoolgirl, there is something unusual about this extraordinary girl – she can talk to animals – and only her Uncle Stan and parents know about her gift. And so, the story unfolds.

Book Cover - Look, Puppy!

Look, Puppy!

Look Puppy! is a visual treat. Mary Murphy’s text and Veronica Ball’s illustrations mesh together perfectly to create a charming read. The illustrations are rich and detailed and encourage further exploration, the pastel colouring keeps it inviting and not overpowering. The story is simple and would make a great bedtime read.

Book Cover - The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

Early one morning, a mouse meets a wolf, and he is promptly gobbled up. It seems as if our hero’s story has ended by page four, but luckily his adventures are only just beginning. In the wolf’s belly he meets a duck who has adapted splendidly to his cramped but cosy quarters. The mouse is soon living the high life with his new friend, enjoying elegant feasts and raging parties, but when a hunter targets the wolf, all three animals will have to work together to defend their symbiotic existence.