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Book Cover – Skylar and the K-Pop Headteacher

Skylar and the K-Pop Headteacher

Like any sensible pre-teen, Skylar is ‘appropriately obsessed’ with K-Pop. Who cares about maths homework or helping out at home when AZ8, the best and cutest band in the world, has a brand new music video? Grown-ups just don’t understand, least of all the prim-and-proper headteacher, Ms. Callus. But during an argument with Ms Callus in the school corridor, there is a flash of green light, and when Skylar comes to, she feels strange and … old! She and Ms. Callus have swapped bodies, and they have to find a way to swap back before the AZ8 concert on Saturday!

Cover - Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

In the small hours of the first morning in their new homes, a boy and his mother are tucked in bed and take turn sharing memories of the past: the smell of grandad’s oil lamp, a bicycle received as a birthday gift, or a picnic in the field with dad. Now that it’s just the two of them, maybe this first morning in the new flat can become one of these memories that they will look back fondly upon.

Book Cover - Three Tasks for a Dragon

Three Tasks for a Dragon

This enchanting book is blissfully refreshing but is still somewhat reminiscent of tales from a time gone by. This along with its beautifully soft and rather tactile illustrations creates a book to curl up at the fire with and be transported to a spellbinding world where wolfhounds roam and dragons endure.

Book Cover - Unleash Your Creative Monster - A Children's Guide to Writing

Unleash Your Creative Monster: A Children's Guide to Writing

A quick flick through lets you know immediately that Unleash Your Creative Monster is not going to be a straightforward writing guide. What sets it apart is its novel and funny approach of having children see their inspiration/muse as a monster. As a result, it is chock-full of crazy creatures and jokes. However, this does not distract from the fact that it is a thoughtful and well-planned guide that will inspire the most reluctant writers to put pen to page.

Book Cover - Bunnies in A Sleigh

Bunnies in a Sleigh

Christmas goes absolutely bonkers in this third instalment in the Bunnies series. The elves have eaten too much sugar and have a tummy ache, so the bunnies hop on board the sleigh to help Santa with his deliveries. Of course, the bunnies cause even more havoc and hilarity as Santa tries to complete his deliveries – they get stuck in chimneys, stuck in snow, stuffed in stockings – the mayhem is seemingly unending!

Book Cover - The Skull

The Skull

On the run from terrible danger, our heroine, Otilla, stumbles upon an old abandoned house atop a hill in a dark forest. She is lost and needs shelter from the snow, so she enters the house where she meets a skull. The skull is a welcoming host, and the two quickly form an unlikely friendship. However, the skull is afraid of something mysterious that visits every night. Can brave Otilla protect them both?

Book Cover - Ten-Word Tiny Tales

Ten-Word Tiny Tales

It is one thing to tell a good story within thousands of words, to build fantastical worlds and interesting characters over a prolonged period of time. It is an entirely different thing to achieve this same goal within a ten-word limit. In this beautifully produced hardback, UK Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho succeeds in presenting twenty unique tales accompanied by stunning illustrations from a wide range of artists. Most of these stories lean in a mildly eerie direction, perfect for those in search of light spooks.

Book Cover - Too Small Tola Makes It Count

Too Small Tola Makes it Count

Welcome to Nigeria! Here we meet Tola, her stern Grandmummy, her clever big sister Moji and her hard-working big brother Dapo who all live together in a one–room flat in the city of Lagos. Lockdown has just ended and the family are so happy to be reunited after spending time apart. We discover that Tola is a bit of a problem solver and loves maths. Using her skills, she solves a dilemma for her elderly neighbour and friend Mrs Shaky Shaky but finds it hard to find a solution for her own problems.

Book Cover - Johnny Ball Professional Football Genius

Johnny Ball Professional Football Genius

Professional Football Genius finds 9-year-old Jonny Ball continuing his journey in the world of soccer coaching – swapping his old team for the professional set-up of the local women’s club. Can Johnny tackle the challenges of moving from head coach to being an assistant, and will he risk falling out with his best friend to succeed?

Book Cover - Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animal Tales

Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animals

This collection of stories by Julian Norton is a delightful series of stories focusing on the animals and their owners that he encounters day to day as a vet in Yorkshire. The animals are not just common farm animals, as pets and their woes are included in the stories as well. Included in the collection are stories about a sheep who is having trouble lambing, and a tortoise who seems to have gone off their food following hibernation.