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Wearing My Mother's Heart Cover Image

Wearing My Mother's Heart

This is the second collection of poetry by Gambian British poet Sophia Thakur. Through her strong narrative voice and arresting language, this collection explores Sophia’s expressed need to understand how the women in her life became so ‘compassionate, fierce, gentle and powerful.’ Loosely grouped into themes, the collection covers a broad range of subjects, woven through with common threads of love, God, and the formidable influence of her family and friends. Her poems resonate with a powerful rhythm.

Mountainfell Cover Image


Erskin has always felt different from the other villagers in her coastal village of Lofotby. She and her family are regarded with suspicion, living as they do so close to the sinister magical Mountainfell that looms over their home. When strange tremors wake the terrifying cloud dragon, who then snatches Erskin’s sister, Birgit, Erskin’s world shatters. She has no choice but to trek to the cloud dragon’s home in the peaks of Mountainfell to rescue Birgit. But Mountainfell’s magic is wild and dangerous. How can little Erskin possibly survive?

Legendarium Cover Image


This action-packed sequel to Jennifer Bell’s Wonderscape jumps feet first into a swirling portal and straight into the action from the very first chapter. The heroes, three young friends and their shape-shifting robot dog, get sucked into a computer-game adventure that’s unfolding in the real-world future of 2493, where they find themselves in a race against time to get back home.

The Boy Who Lost His Spark - book cover

The Boy Who Lost His Spark

When city boy Jem moves to the countryside with his mother and sister, his sadness and anger about the move overwhelm him. Trying his best to hide his feelings, most go unnoticed by anyone except an ancient creature living deep in the hillside, a “nouka”, a mischief-maker from local folklore whose purpose is to distract from unhappiness. The nouka may string yarn in a maze along the staircase, or make the cat behave badly, or hide school bags, doing any number of naughty acts designed to spark curiosity and bring back a sense of wonder.

The Magic of the Ballet - book cover

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories

In this collection of stories, author Vivian French retells seven classic ballet stories: from the renowned Nutcracker and Swan Lake to perhaps lesser-known Coppélia, each retelling weaves an immersive tale from the many re-interpretations each ballet has known, while also trying to remain as close as possible to their originals. The ballets are all also accompanied by introductory pages explaining their origins and featuring anecdotes about the composers, choreographers or dancers who made them famous.

The Great Fox Illusion Cover Image

The Great Fox Illusion

The Great Fox, a world famous magician, disappears without a trace and without an heir to leave his legacy and fortune to. By his instruction, a TV competition will determine which young magician will inherit the secrets to his tricks.

Leila the perfect witch - book cover

Leila the Perfect Witch

Leila Wayward is a young witch on her way to greatness. Everything she tries she succeeds at, from flying to shape-shifting, from conjuring to pumpkin carving. She is looking forward at taking part in the Magnificent Witchy Cake Off. Until she discovers that baking is not one of her talents. Maybe Leila is not the perfect witch she thought she was!

Orla and the Magpie's Kiss Cover Image

Orla and the Magpie's Kiss

In the exciting follow up to Orla and Serpent's Curse, we join Orla, her brothers, and Dave the Dog on their vacation in Norfolk spent at their Uncle Valentine’s house. As a new witch, Orla is hoping to relax on holiday. However, when she stumbles upon the nearby Anna’s Woods and learns of the evil GasFrac’s plans to destroy the woodland, she takes it upon herself to alert the locals to the danger and protect the environment.

Book Cover - I am Not an Octopus

I am Not an Octopus

I am Not a Octopus is a brightly illustrated picturebook that tells a story of facing fears and connecting with one’s true self. The journey to self-acceptance is told through regular tuna-loving guy, Terry (who is most definitely not an octopus and is absolutely not an octopus who is afraid of water!).

The Moon of Kyiv -book cover

The Moon of Kyiv

Originally published in Italy in March, The Moon of Kyiv was an immediate response to the crisis in Ukraine. Walker books have now released this version for Ireland and the UK, with all net profit donated to Save the Children fund.