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Children’s Books Ireland is frequently asked by teachers and librarians to recommend class novels for students of all ages. Class Reads is the result of those conversations. Our ultimate aim is for students to find books that will delight, entertain and connect with them, and for teachers and librarians to feel supported and to have useful resources to draw from. We want students all over the island to feel excited about reading, to pick up a book or have it read to them and to say ‘This book is class!’ Hence the title – we have selected books that we think are class reads for classrooms.

In developing Class Reads we consulted with teachers at primary and secondary level in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The package we designed following this process includes recommended reading lists focusing on great class novels, broken down by class groupings, including texts in English and Irish and highlighting excellent artists including many from the island of Ireland. Each list includes reviews of twenty-four books, four of which have been selected as the subject of a detailed resource guide including suggested ways to interact with the novels.

Resource Packs for Primary & Secondary Schools
Resources:Class Reads Level 1
Resources:Class Reads Level 2
Resources:Class Reads Level 3
Resources:Class Reads Level 4
Resources:Class Reads Level 5
Resources:Class Reads Level 6
Creative Workshops for Primary Schools

Creative Workshop with Yasmeen Ismail

Creative Workshop with Muireann Ní Chíobháin

Creative Workshop for Secondary Schools

Creative Workshop with Dave Rudden

Creative Tips for Teachers

Using Books Creatively in the Classroom with Andrew Whitson

Using Books Creatively in the Classroom with Sheena Wilkinson


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