100 Screen-Free Ways to Beat Boredom

Looking for creative new ways to banish that boredom? Well, unplug those tablets, put down those phones…and grab yourselves a copy of this fantastic book! It’s jam-packed with ideas for enjoying screen-free time with family and friends, ranging from quick and simple crafts to more time-consuming tasks: calm your mind with some basic yoga, dig out the dressing-up box and put on a living-room fashion show, or make your very own travel bingo set!

The activities are grouped into three sections: at home, outdoors and on the move. Each one is explained using a combination of colourful photos and playful graphics, along with short paragraphs of step-by-step instructions. Yellow boxes list any materials required, with helpful hints and top tips dotted throughout. The use of illustrations, photographs and text boxes on pastel-coloured pages gives a lively scrapbook effect. Although many of the activities could be enjoyed by a range of ages, the language is clearly geared towards older children, specifically those who can use scissors without supervision. To demonstrate how simple they are, every project is explained in one page or less, so there’s no excuse to not give them a go!

As the author notes in her introduction, prying children (and adults) away from screens can be very difficult, but the health benefits of physical activity and face-to-face interaction make it worth the effort. The enthusiasm of this book is infectious and will have you reaching for the scissors before you can shout ‘who turned off the T.V.?!’!