Above and Below

Perfect for nature lovers, this lift-the-flap book gives a summary of many ecosystems on our planet presented alongside luscious illustrations of flora and fauna. From the rainforest to the savannah, we get an A-Z of natural habitats. We are presented a generalised list of the creatures and plants that occupy these areas, as well as some neat facts on each.

The artwork is sophisticated while also having curious charm, such as the animals’ googly eyes and beautifully exaggerated colours. The flaps split halfway across the page, either lifted at the top or bottom. The flaps separate the above ground and air lifeforms from the below ground and sea lifeforms. Clulow also uses elements of collage effectively in the tree bark and water illustrations.

This book is suited to older readers with an already developed interest in nature and biology. The interactive nature of this lift-the-flap will keep children engaged and immersed in their read. Children and adults alike can learn a lot from the abundance of interesting facts presented and bound within these pages!