All Aboard for the Bobo Road

Corr’s brightly coloured paintings sing from every page as we climb aboard Big Ali’s minibus and hit the Bobo road. At Lake Tengréla, we encounter dancing flamingos and hungry hippos. In the middle of the forest, the luggage is alive. Huffing and puffing, the bus people disembark carrying watermelons and enormous yams to set up stall for the market. On every page, we get the sense of searing heat and exotic landscape as the bus travels past waterfalls, mosques and rock domes.

Readers are encouraged to count animals and bicycles, making it a wonderful way to brighten any dull day. Words and pictures match perfectly, and overall this beautiful book will cheer anyone’s heart.

On a different note, it is also fantastic to see a plethora of brown faces throughout, something which is sadly lacking in many other picture books.