Self-Destructing Science: Space

Proving that there is an exception to every rule, this book truly can be judged by its cover! As the title suggests, readers can cut, stick, rip, fold and colour their way through this fact-filled activity book about outer space. Even the front page is designed to be cut out and framed! Quirky illustrations in neon orange and blue brighten up every page as the text guides you through the history of astronomy, including who named the constellations and the different cycles of the Earth’s moon. We learn how the universe began with a Big Bang, the truth about gravity, and the dangers of a black hole. Each explanation comes with a game or activity which offers a practical illustration and enhances the overall learning experience.

Complete with a cut-out-and-keep astronaut figure and a bedroom planetarium, this adventure book is perfect for a rainy day. The bright colours, cartoon-style illustrations and various activities would appeal to children of all ages with an interest in astronomy. However, some of the theories discussed are quite complex and considering the font size and language used, they might be better understood by independent readers who are slightly older. For a younger audience, the interactive elements, practical experiments and craft-making would allow this book to be enjoyed with the assistance of an adult who could explain the more complicated points. But regardless of age, all readers should beware… this book will self-destruct!