A Day With Dogs

A Day with Dogs is a fantastic book that offers an exclusive insight into every little bit of what nine dogs (and a lot of humans) do during their day; be it visiting the doctor, playing in school, shopping at the supermarket or playing musical instruments.

Part non-fiction, part fiction, A Day with Dogs is a feast for the curious. Every spread has a different theme or topic with descriptions of animals, objects, and places, creating a unique experience of reading and learning that can even be used as a fun teaching resource.

The simple lines and colouring of the illustrations are a perfect match for the busy scenes and detailed items, as well as for all nine dogs, which are full of character. Even though there isn’t a plot, the journey through the book offers readers the possibility to become more acquainted with each dog’s personality and also to make plenty of connections, enticing their imagination to explore and create their own stories.

Because of its Richard Scarry-like visuals, A Day With Dogs is a book that appeals to a wide range of audiences: small children will be enthralled with the detailed and busy scenes; older children will be enchanted by the discovery of names and more complex subjects, such as colour theory and onomatopoeias; and adults will enjoy its humour and curiosities.