This story brings us on a journey to a land far, far away to meet Cinnamon, a beautiful, blind and isolated princess who does not speak. After a series of unsuccessful attempts by people engaged by her parents to help Cinnamon talk, a scary yet majestic tiger appears to try his hand in the matter. 

This is a story that Neil Gaiman wrote in 1995 that was previously only available on audio. His text has been brought to life with gorgeous, humorous and lush illustrations by Divya Srinivasan. She has previously worked with Richard Linklater and Sufjan Stevens, amongst others. Her work has a singular beauty. With an expert hand, she has woven the story into her pictures and captured the wit, beauty, darkness and wisdom of Neil Gaiman’s words.

The writing is a pleasure and full of humour, helped along by a limerick-spouting parrot. Neil Gaiman weaves a world that feels surreal and timeless. ‘It is weird, but I like it,’ my six-year-old said, before promptly asking me to read it again.

This book will make a lovely addition to your bookshelf, and I would recommend it as a gift for others or indeed for yourself.