Rover and the Big Fat Baby

Another adventure from Rover and the Gigglers, this fast-paced story is guaranteed to provide the reader with numerous chuckles. The Big Fat Baby has gone missing, so Rover and his side-kick Messi, have to find her. In the meantime, Rover’s business, providing the Gigglers with poo, has a big order on and that has to be dealt with too.

Doyle uses the ‘breaking the fourth wall’ device to great effect, the reader being directly addressed within the first few pages. And the story within a story device is also handled skilfully, leading the reader from plot to plot smoothly. The odd interruption from the Creamcracker and Krispie characters also allow for some tongue-in-cheek humour without distracting attention away from the main plot.

Judge’s witty, black-and-white drawings are placed on almost every two-page spread, providing a visual reference for the more challenged readers and adding yet another layer of humour.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the witticisms. Billie Jean Fleetwood-Mack will resonate with those of a certain age and Miriam Bigge-Mack should get a groan from the younger readers. Reference to the Dubliners’ inclination to exaggeration in the chapter A NOT-AS-SHORT-AS-I-THOUGHT-IT-WOULD-BE HISTORY OF THE MAC FAMILY II is very droll.

All in all, a book for all ages but particularly 8-10, 10-12.