Daddy Long Legs

Daddy is having car trouble. Matty worries that Daddy will not be able to pick him up from nursery. He needn’t fret. Daddy can think of several zany ways he could reach him without needing the old green car. A lazy old teddy bear could carry him on his back or a neighbour could use his hose to make a stream and he could sail to the nursery in a little boat. Each creative suggestion by Daddy is met with another concern, but the ever patient and imaginative Daddy continues to reassure Matty that no matter the obstacle, he will come for him.

This is a delightful book from start to finish. Nadine Brun-Cosme has created a wonderfully warm and funny story for little ones which addresses the commonly felt anxiety of pre-schoolers at drop-off time. The close bond between Daddy and Matty is depicted adorably. The quirky, eye-catching decoupage-style illustrations by Aurélie Guillery are beautifully patterned and grainy. I particularly love the gorgeously detailed final spread of Daddy and Matty’s house crammed with all the wonderful characters introduced throughout the book. Little readers will delight in meeting them all again at the end in all their colourful glory.

This book is perfect for story time read-aloud with toddlers and particularly for the anxious pre-schooler who finds it hard to say goodbye to his beloved Daddy or Mammy.