Say Zoop!

A blue circle asks you if you’re really sure you want to play and then we’re off on a wild and noisy journey through sound and colour! Hervé Tullet, master of interactive picturebooks, returns with another fabulous text which claims to do for sound what Press Here did for touch. Circles, dots and bubbles of blue, red and yellow dance and pop across the page, encouraging readers to shout, whisper and sing out loud. With each turn of the page Tullet asks us to vocalise these simple circle characters, ohhing, ahhing and wahooing our way through the text in a riot of play-acting and silly noises.

This is a perfect text for reading together, particularly with little ones, as adult and child can take on one or any of the parts. The inventive combination of sounds created by Tullet’s mad-cap scenarios means children learn the way sound and language work together to create meaning, while participating in a very fun and simple game they’ll want to play again and again – it’s this effortless quality that makes his books consistently so appealing.

Perhaps not a book to read aloud in libraries (unless you’ve got permission from the librarian!), this bright and ingenious text, like so many of his others, will excite and fascinate children, and is a fitting companion to Press Here.