Making Millions, Cass and the Bubble Street Gang

Young fans of Irish author Erika McGann will be delighted with the second in the series of Cass and the Bubble Street Gang mysteries, Making Millions.

This time, the inventive and entrepreneurial Cass is not only trying to make her fortune but she is also trying to solve the mystery of the invisible boy in school. Seeing a boy’s name on the class register who doesn’t appear to be in school leads Cass to believe the school are trying to cover up that they have an invisible boy in the classroom. Cass wants to get to the bottom of this mystery, and so she enlists the help of pals Nicholas and Lex to help her prove the invisible boy really does exist. Meanwhile a visit to an ‘anteek’ shop with Dad makes Cass think she and her friends can become millionaires by selling off their old, broken toys. After all, if a chipped Edwardian mirror can sell for over €350, then surely a ‘doll who pees but can’t anymore because she is stuffed with playdough’ should be able to generate a few euro.

A charming, easy to read story which celebrates friendship, curiosity and creativity, Making Millions is an uplifting book for young fans of the mystery genre. Vince Reid’s caricature-style illustrations bring the characters to life. There is a good balance between text and illustration and the full-page drawings are powerful in their portrayal of the children as strong, independent and lively little characters. Ideal read for age 6-8/8-10.