The newest addition to the Little Library series introduces young readers to a strong female figure in Irish history, Constance Markievicz, ‘the Rebel Countess’. A politician, a revolutionary and a suffragette, Constance Markievicz led a truly fascinating and impactful life. She played a significant role in Irish history, from campaigning and protesting for women’s voting rights to becoming the first woman ever elected to the British parliament. These moments and more are included in this beautiful book.

The Burkes cleverly begin this book by looking at Markievicz as a child growing up in Sligo where she loved horse-riding and hunting. Details such as these humanise this remarkable woman and create a bridge between the reader and the historical period. Fatti Burke’s colourful, charming illustrations highlight the significant moments in Markievicz’s life, drawing the reader into her world.

A life jam-packed with amazing moments is laid out for young readers in the factual yet simple language of John Burke. His inclusion of some of Markievicz’s most famous quotes illustrates and brings to life this strong and rebellious character. A ‘did you know?’ section at the end of the book brings us more information surrounding the life and legacy of Constance Markievicz, further piquing the reader’s curiosity.

The Little Library series is a fantastic way to introduce children to key historical figures. The amazing life of the brave and powerful Constance Markievicz is bound to inspire young girls and boys, and her story is an excellent introduction to important events in Irish history.