Pretty Sane is a journey through the life of Nicola Wall, a person with schizoaffective disorder. From her earliest memory right through to her current adventures in motherhood, we see the countless obstacles and difficulties faced by someone with this mental illness. With only Freddie, the voice in her head, to turn to for guidance and help with the other noise and voices in her mind, Nicola takes the reader through a raw and intimate story of how she came to write this book while providing ‘Mental Help Tips’ she has learned along the way that could be useful for any reader.

A brutally honest and revealing book, the author pulls no punches in showing the reader the reality of coping with schizoaffective disorder in a world where mental illness is not a top priority. While a small percentage of people live with schizoaffective disorder, the themes of the book are relatable to all readers as it touches on bullying, relationships, family difficulties, grief and much more. The experience and determination of the author will make anyone consider how they can be kinder and more supportive in the world as we never know what someone else is dealing with or experiencing in their mind.

This book is guaranteed to bring a new perspective, new understanding, and new hope to any reader. This book is recommended for older readers as it deals with mature topics throughout.