8 Ways to Draw an Elephant

This fascinating art activity book from Tara Books offers an introduction to Indian art traditions through the exploration of various depictions of elephants. From a photo to realistic rendering, through to stylized versions with different patterns, the book explores eight different folk and tribal styles through the work of eight artists.

This unusual approach blends facts about elephants (‘an elephant eats 300 pounds of food a day’) with the craft of drawing and patterning. Readers are invited to explore the different styles and to develop their own designs. While the book has lots of colouring and tracing, there is much more to it than a regular colouring book and it gives children plenty of scope to explore their own talents and to make their first (very gentle) steps into art theory. The book encourages the user to see that drawing is not just about realistic depictions, but about the artists’ imagination and vision. The large pages leave lots of space for the user to draw elephants (or anything else!) of their own. Recommended for anyone interested in tribal art and/or elephants.