A Book of Letters

Abby receives the letter A in a note from her friend and starts a fun letter-writing chain from A to Z. From Illinois to India to the boy next door, we follow the letter trail all around the world, experiencing changing climates, ways of dress, skin colours, and 26 fun notes. This book of letters has lift-the-flap envelopes and a fold-out alphabet poster featuring all the 26 letter writers at the end of the book.

This is a novel way of introducing younger children to the idea of writing letters and notes to communicate with friends far and near. It is a useful model of the process approach to writing and helps children to focus on the idea of communicating what they really want to say and for a particular audience. It also explores the notion of delivery and is a useful tool for reflecting on how the postal service operates.

All 26 of the notes are written in different styles and fonts, some carefully decorated and others plainly presented but all roughly following the letter format with a greeting line, a message in the middle and a closing line with occasional postscripts. Each character is boldly painted with bright brushstrokes in an attractive and appropriate setting. All in all, this is a tremendous resource for novice letter writers and their teachers.