A Boy Called Christmas

This is a story where impossible is an old elf swear word; a story where reindeer can fly; a story where elves live in a remote corner of Finland and a story of how a boy named Nikolas came to be Father Christmas.

Nikolas is a simple boy who lives in Finland with his woodcutter father Joel and the only Christmas presents he has ever received: a doll carved out of a turnip and a wooden sleigh. When a strange hunter named Anders offers his father a large fortune to help him explore the rumoured elf territory of Elfhelm in northern Finland, Nikolas is left alone with his miserable Aunt Carlotta. Worried for the fate of his father and curious about the elves, Nikolas sets off on an astounding and magical journey where he learns that impossibility is just a possibility you don’t understand yet.

Full of slapstick comedy, reindeer poo and exploding troll heads, this is a wacky story with a warm gooey heart – perfect for David Walliams fans. Particular praise is reserved for Chris Mould’s gothic style illustrations, which very nearly steal the show and succeed in vividly bringing the characters of Elfhelm to life in the most magical way possible. A perfect gift for any non-believers or those beginning to doubt the magic of Christmas, this book explains exactly how Father Christmas came to be and the magic behind his trip around the world every Christmas Eve.

Warning: Exploding troll heads are not for the faint hearted!!! 9-11