A Bunch of Daisies

This new Daisy book has a pick-and-mix of four short stories and some puzzles which are great fun and full of sly jokes, which 3 – 6-year-olds will love. Daisy’s interactions with her somewhat frustrated Mum are humorously observed, as she attempts to liberate a much-desired cream biscuit from the bottom of the tin without Mum noticing; ‘If you want a biscuit, take one from the top.’ But in the battle to coax Daisy to write some ‘thank-you’ notes, Mum definitely gets full marks for her winning strategy against her sudden attack of ‘floppyitis’. Nick Sharratt’s brightly coloured pictures integrate delightfully with the text. He manages to invest Daisies’ eyebrows and mouth with just the right expressions, ranging from downright mutiny to happiness. Ideal for reading aloud, with lots to discuss, or alone with lots to think about. Suitable for ages 3–6.