A Lion is a Lion

From the creator of Penguin and the Tilly and Friends series comes a wicked, rollicking read-aloud which asks the question: Is a lion still a lion if he wears a hat? And carries an umbrella? Is a lion still a lion if he arrives at your door and invites himself in with a ‘How do you do?’ (Isn’t he polite!) And is a lion still a lion if he asks for a dance? What about when he licks his lips and says, ‘Oh yes, lunch would be lovely, thank you…’ Is a lion still a lion then?

The rhyming, musical text of this exciting and entrancing story is a delight to read aloud and the repetition of the central question (is a lion still a lion?) adds to the overall suspense. For this lion is still very much a lion, and for all his charm and wit and hoobie-doobie dancing he is a dangerous creature with sharp, pointy teeth. Young readers will be riveted to the spot to find out if the lion will reveal his true nature and turn the children into pudding.

But these children are brave and resourceful and ably demonstrate the power of protest and how to stand up for themselves in a strong and passionate manner. This story will have young readers cheering their response while secretly enjoying the roguery of that elegant lion, so winningly brought to life in Dunbar’s delightful illustrations. A perfect treat.