A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time is beautiful and inventive, but a little challenging to use. Described as a perpetual atlas, it claims that the reader can discover what the whole world is doing at exactly the same time. Well, sort of. The unusual layout allows you to compare 6am in one place with 6am in another place, but finding out what is happening when it is, say, 6am where you are and a different time elsewhere, takes a bit of working out.

This handsome book is bound in three parts which can be read separately or combined over and over so the reader can play around with the concept of time and place. There is a useful key in the opening pages with explanations of time zones, and captions at the end that expand on Thomas Hegbrook’s marvellous illustrations. These are stylish and original, contrasting for instance a jaguar napping in Brazil with a New York window cleaner or downtown Singapore at night, with a prowling Mongolian wolf. Hegbrook’s creative handling of cultural diversity never falls into the shorthand of stereotypes. Younger children will love just looking at the pictures. Older readers should get a sense of the rich variety and connectivity of the world. This is a book to prompt reflexion and discussion. It would be a great classroom tool. It would also sit very happily on any adult coffee table.