A Mouse Called Julian

Julian is what you could call a creature of habits, or be precise, a mouse of habits! From his little crawl spot, far from the dangerous outside world and away from all the other underground inhabitants, he lives a peaceful and well-ordered life. That is, until a fox decides to have Julian for dinner… Yet, when the fox’s plans go awry, an unlikely friendship is struck between the hunter and his prey.

Full of wit, Joe Todd-Stanton’s words are both incredibly funny and deep. His illustrations beautifully accompany the text: full of warm, orange tones, the spreads are luminous and give off a cosy atmosphere, which makes this picturebook a perfect pick for bedtime. The reader will undoubtedly enjoy the amount of details offered by each page. From the furniture and various items in Julian’s tiny house to glimpses into the lives of badgers, rabbits and fellow creatures, the world created by Todd-Stanton is adorably quirky and full of life. Any child who likes to create their own story from their current read will be given ample opportunity to add their own touch here.

Most enjoyable of course are the main characters and their spunky personalities: Julian might be grumpy and the fox might be inclined to a fib or two but, despite those defaults, those two find and help out each other, to the reader’s delight! A Mouse Called Julian will teach much about friendship and comes highly recommended to any reader aged 3 to 8+