A Planet Full of Plastic

A Planet Full of Plastic is a factual picturebook, written and illustrated by Neal Layton. It tells the story of plastic, what it is used for, why it became so pervasive, the problems that now exist, and some of the solutions that have been devised to address those problems.

The word count and the detail in the text are such that it would be most appropriate for the upper ages of picturebook readers. That said, key points could be selected for reading to younger children. It is never too early to teach children about the effects humans have on the natural world. The very detailed illustrations are excellent for children who love to shout out their own examples!

The text invites many opportunities for class-based learning activities. For example, the speed at which objects biodegrade could be compared (e.g. a leaf versus a piece of paper versus a plastic bottle) over a few weeks.

A ‘How you can help’ page at the end of the book provides practical ways in which a child can make a difference. A particularly nice touch on the final page is examples of big ideas, created by children, that have made a global impact. This book would be an excellent addition to any older pre-school and younger primary school collection, or indeed to any home where a parent wishes to educate children on how they can help to address the plastic epidemic.