A Rainbow in My Pocket

Poetry from the perspective of a child is not easily written by adults, but in tender tones Ali Seidabadi captures the world in a way which will reflect and inspire the minds of young readers. Whether it is the culturally enriching experience of reading Persian poetry, or the accessibility lent to it by Azita Rassi’s evocative translation, A Rainbow in my Pocket carries an otherworldly atmosphere, the reader carried adrift on the whirls and eddies of a little girl engaging with her world.

The natural environment features prominently, and Hoda Haddadi’s illustrations reflect that in soft and simple tones, beguilingly carrying the reader through the questions and wonder which the poem captures. Rainbows can be carried in one’s pocket, wishes can range from a new doll, to being allowed to blow freely on the clothes line like the little girl’s dress, and behind all of this is a simple wish for beauty and honesty of speech to be offered and enjoyed by all.

Short in form, this book will quickly become a firm favourite with children, with its unique phrasing and gentle visuals making it an ideal bed-time read. The poem’s abstract form means that young readers will have plenty of room to find their own interpretation of what it is about. All the while its light, lulling cadences will be a delight to adult and child readers alike.