A Strange Kind of Brave

Right from the first line, Fitzgerald’s novel immediately drops the reader into the middle of the action, using a very unexpected and chilling point of view from the villain of the story. The very beginning of the novel gives the reader a picture of what is yet to come, which makes it all the more gripping to read. The point of view then alternates between three characters, our villain Jake McCormack, the new kid in town, Luca Spinelli and Clanfedden local, Allie Redmond.

Upon arriving into town with his mother Ariana, Luca is soon befriended by Allie, who is desperate to warn them of the vendetta held by Jake McCormack against him and his mother after they purchased a property that was previously his. The plot continues from there delving into the complicated relationships of all the characters and exploring topics such as the loss of a parent, bullying and the danger of great power.

The only criticisms a reader may have is that at one point, Luca, who is 14 years of age, takes his mother’s car keys, and drives through town without being questioned by any of the other characters (including his mother), which is a rather strange and unfathomable situation. Regardless, the novel is filled with intense plot twists that one would never expect and would be perfect for younger teen readers interested in dark and unique stories that are also relatable to their own life experiences.