A Walk in Paris

Salvatore Rubbino has been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and various other awards. This book is the third in a series, the others dealing with New York and London. A young girl is being shown Paris by her grandfather. They visit all the main sights and we see Paris through her eyes, in all its vibrancy and fascination. Their route is shown on a clear map on the endpapers and there’s a fold-out double spread of the Eiffel Tower towards the end. The child and adult enjoy each other’s company and their day is interesting and fun. The illustrations are flat with muted colours and are achieved by a watercolour and pencil effect which is very attractive. Various typefaces are used, especially for the different landmarks, and the actual story stands out and reads well. Clear and interesting information is given in smaller print, with paragraphs scattered around the spreads, reminding me of Richard Scarry books. The few elementary French words and phrases encourage interest in the language.

A Walk in Paris is an ideal book to prepare a child for a visit to Paris, for projects or as part of a school library. I’m off to buy the one on London!