A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals

This book is a celebration of the beautiful creatures who are in danger of disappearing from the world forever. It is divided into different habitats including oceans, forests, deserts, freshwater, grasslands, mountains and wetlands. While some creatures like giraffes and caribou will be familiar to readers, there are others like the little dodo bird and the Chinese pangolin which are less well known. There are fascinating facts throughout to delight and intrigue the reader. The inner pages of the front and back contain images of animals that are extinct, which is a reminder of how serious the situation is. Happily, there is also a list of ways in which readers can help save endangered animals.

Primarily known for creating detailed illustrations for nature based colouring books, this is the first book in which Millie Marotta has coloured in her own illustrations. Each page is like a piece of art, with intricate design and beautiful colour. Pattern is a staple of her work. Not only would this book be a great library book, it would look great on a coffee table too. Hopefully, the illustrator will continue creating more books like this.