A World of Information

This is a miscellany of the very best kind. Readers will be hooked by facts as varied as differing kinds of knots, different kinds of print, the periodic table of the elements, neap and spring tides, the organs of the body and a whole host of other information. At no point does the trivia seem trivial, nor the information arbitrary.

Breadth of subject matter is evenly matched by depth of factual information and detail, and Richard Platt’s clear and well pitched prose style offsets James Brown’s visually stunning designs beautifully. Platt has managed to capture some of the wide-eyed awe that his readers will undoubtedly feel when first encountering this text, investing both central and seemingly peripheral details with equal weight and wonder.

James Brown’s illustrations and design materials are stunning throughout. Visually, each page feels full but not cluttered, and the layout of each topic rewards younger readers skimming through the book’s contents, as well as older readers methodically working topic by topic.

It is this older audience who will reap the richest benefits from A World of Information, but it also has the feel of a book which a child can grow up with, enjoying it at different levels according to academic level. This book is an excellent adventure in learning facts you didn’t realise you needed to know, and having plenty of fun along the way.